2020 Presidential Election

The Texas Army National Guard said Monday it had been ordered to send 1,000 troops to cities around the state ahead of Election Day.
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Immigration Policy, one of the biggest topics of the 2016 Presidential elections, was not discussed in the first presidential and vice presidential debates.
Make no mistake, if Democrats win the election, they will end the filibuster and pack the Supreme Court, expanding the number of justices to advance their radical political agenda, entrenching their power for generations,...
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In case there was any doubt that Facebook and Twitter are corruptly partisan, the social media giants censored The Post’s story Wednesday on Hunter Biden’s emails suggesting he took cash for access to his ­father, Joe Biden...
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It's extremely likely that the coronavirus crisis will be front and center at this debate, particularly because of the president's health and the fact that Pence served as the head of the coronavirus task force.
The deadline to register to vote in Texas in the presidential election is Oct. 5 — next Monday.
A state district judge on Friday ruled that Harris County can move forward with its plan to send every registered voter an application to request a mail-in ballot for the November general election.
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The Atlantic recently attacked President Trump over his cancelled 2018 trip to the Aisne – Marne American cemetery near Paris.
In an op-ed for Real Clear Politics, I outlined four areas in which the Trump administration have made significant strides to advance America's national security interests including strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship...
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New American Economy (NAE), a bipartisan research and immigration advocacy organization, released new data showing the significant contributions that immigrants make to America’s 3,000+ counties.
He's not only not a friend of the industry. He's not a friend of the people who count on the domestic energy industry for their jobs, the hundreds of thousands of people.
Like 2016, the major media and their pollsters say the election is over and President Trump is down 8%, 10%, 15%, etc.
Given the ages of President Trump (74) and Joe Biden (78), the odds are that they will be replaced by their respective Vice Presidents.Since the debate was so important, a few observations are in order:
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As former Vice President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress advocate for tax hikes on the wealthy and intrusive regulation on small businesses and workers, Americans know you can’t “Build Back Better” by dragging down the...
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The recent U.S. Senate report about the business dealings of Hunter Biden, aided and abetted by the influence of his dad is explosive despite the major media's suppression of the story.
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Biden, who might need a professional fact-checking intervention, judging by his performance in the interview with Andrea Mitchell a few weeks ago, when he made several demonstrably false claims that Mitchell never bothered...
It's humbling and an immense honor to be considered for the Supreme Court.
The president's reelection campaign launched a bus tour of the state Thursday, though surrogates said — strenuously — that they still don't see Texas in play.
“They” say the number one rule in business is don’t talk politics. If you have been on my email list even for a short time, you know that is not a rule I usually follow.But I will just this one time. I am not going to...
An 11-year old girl whose mother was deported in 2018 spoke last week at the Democratic National Convention. The DNC attempted to use her story to blame Trump for the policies that removed her mother.



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