"It’s Not Over Till It’s Over" John 'Bluto' Blutarsky, Animal House 1978

Like 2016, the major media and their pollsters say the election is over and President Trump is down 8%, 10%, 15%, etc.

However, it appears the election is being fought for the most part in battleground states. How do we know? Look where the Biden campaign is traveling to last week and this week: Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Minnesota, all battleground states.

It says here if the race was over, why go to those states? In short, it is not over. So make sure you vote.

The choice is clear and if we elect Joe Biden he will bring with him the radical left, led by AOC and the squad. They will bring in those who want to defund the police, ban guns, ban fossil fuels, legalize abortion until birth, pack the Supreme Court with radicals, and reinstate the insane deal with the Ayatollahs of Iran, among other things. The America we know will be destroyed by the same radical left forces destroying San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and New York City, to name a few. Do you want that for your town?


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