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TexasGOPVote is a broad community of writers, activists, and legislators who believe that healthy debate will lead to a better Republican Party. One of our primary objectives is to connect grassroots activists across Texas with our elected leaders - both in Austin and Washington - to ensure a genuine dialogue between the Republican voter and the people they send to the halls of power. Various viewpoints on any given issue may be expressed in the articles found on TexasGOPVote.com. We welcome readers' comments.

The Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln, formed to abolish slavery and to uphold the principles of a democratic constitutional republic upon which the United States of America was formed. We believe in every person's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and believe that our founding fathers gave us the constitutional framework to enable every person the God-given right to pursue their dreams. As such, we believe in the sanctity of human life and do not tolerate racism and bigotry and other forms of prejudice. We believe in the rule of law and that our Constitution gives us the framework for making and changing laws as deemed necessary by our elected officials. We believe that beyond these fundamental principles, there is a diversity of opinion within our party on matters of governance, and we welcome debate on these matters.

We believe our core principles are what built the foundation for a lasting Republican majority in Texas. We believe these same core principles and the diversity of opinions expressed in Texas, the largest Republican state, also set the example and direction for republicanism in the United States. Our mission is to serve as the home of Republican exceptionalism for Texas and the United States.


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