Let's Get Real, The V.P. Debate Was Important, One Of Them Will Be President In The Next 4 Years

Given the ages of President Trump (74) and Joe Biden (78), the odds are that they will be replaced by their respective Vice Presidents.

Since the debate was so important, a few observations are in order:

In regards to V.P. Pence, he was calm, cool and polite. Senator Harris was nervous and hectoring. The failure by her to answer questions that matter is disturbing. Like full disclosure on Biden's health or dodging from answering the question about "packing" the Supreme Court with at least four more left-wing judges so the left get the majority. She tried to have it both ways on income tax increases, banning fracking, and on raising money for the bail fund that released domestic abusers from jail!

The voters see the future. From where we stand, Pence is ready to be President, Harris, not so much.


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