Carolyn Hodges, Texas Federation of Republican Women, Supports The Texas Solution

The following is a letter Texas Federation of Republican Women's former President, Carolyn Hodges:

Dear RPT Delegates to 2014 Convention,

In a couple of weeks, we will all gather in Fort Worth for our convention and take care of crafting and approving the 2014 Republican Party of Texas Platform. Each Senatorial District has appointed a temporary member to the Platform Committee. Please be sure you attend your SD caucus meeting at 5:00 PM, Thursday, June 5. That is when the permanent committee members will be elected. I am urging you to elect a person to this committee that will ensure that “The Texas Solution” will remain a part of our platform. A copy of “The Texas Solution” is included.

In 2012, our party platform offered a SOLUTION to the immigration dilemma for the first time. What a forward mark of progress that was, and our party is to be congratulated for this achievement.

As a bit of background, in late 2011 in a meeting with Republican Women leaders, Senator John Cornyn charged me, as the incoming president of the Texas Federation of Republican Women, with providing leadership to this mighty organization of over 10,000 to provide a consensus policy and practical solution for immigration reform through responsible discussion. TFRW’s Committee on Immigration Reform spent most of 2012 studying the issues in depth, including comprehensive time spent with law enforcement, experts, naturalized citizens, and organizations involved with border security and immigration. Members of this committee, who were not appointed by me but who asked to take part in this work, traveled at their own expense to engage in this endeavor.

The result that was passed by the TFRW Board of Directors with only one dissenting vote in January, 2013, called for comprehensive immigration reform in our country that resembled the principles of “The Texas Solution.” In March, 2013, the National Federation of Republican Women unanimously passed this same policy statement, as a guest worker program had been included in the national platform in 2012. This is an essential part of our platform that must not be eliminated.

Our Texas population is expanding daily. Having a guest worker program is important to our economy in many aspects. State of the art technology must be used to document guest workers and to make sure they are employed only by business people that deduct and match taxes.

Please do your part as a delegate to make sure that “The Texas Solution” remains a part of the RPT Platform in 2014. It is essential for our future!

Best wishes,

Carolyn Hodges
Immediate Past President
Texas Federation of Republican Women
Delegate, SD 17


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