Infiltrating Our Republican Party

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I know it’s hard to pull away from the day-to-day routine of life. We’re all busy trying to keep up and move our families ahead. But while we’re grinding out our existence, a handful of self-appointed Republican “saviors” are steering the Republican Party too far right.

I realize most of us aren’t extreme in our views, and for the most part, we want limited government and opportunities to achieve our dreams. Get the government out of our way. But today’s Republican Party is prying into our private lives. I don’t want to believe the Party has moved so far to the extremes, but it has. We Republicans have to admit, the “infiltration” tactics put in place in 2008 by many Tea Party and Libertarian activists has paid off for them.

They, under the guise of the Republican banner, have taken precinct chair positions, become SREC members and have been elected to office all across the state.

These are the real RINO’s, (Republican In Name Only) and they’re actually ashamed to identify as a Republican. Of course they will claim the Party, when it comes down to putting themselves on the ballot, but otherwise, they identify themselves as Libertarians or Tea Party candidates.

Why did these people decide to join our Republican Party instead of work within their own Party? We all know the answer…it’s because they can’t get enough traction on their own. Their ideas are so extreme, they can’t even get organized around them to compete on a National level.

So what do they do? They take the Party that we built and set their eyes on “infiltrating” and “taking over.”

We shouldn’t be surprised. Tea Partiers all across the country have expressed their disdain for our candidates. And we were so desperate to fall in line with them, that we invited them in with open arms, knowing full well their intentions.

It’s our own fault. No one to blame but ourselves.

Now, we have to show the country that Texas is not the extreme state our Libertarian “Republicans” have turned us into. We have to participate in the 2016 Primaries and attend our conventions. We must do everything in our power to become delegates. You see, the reason these people are even considered as delegates, is because in many counties, the actual self-identified Republicans are absent and do not make the effort to become a delegate.

If a person will not claim they are Republican, then in my opinion, we should not send them to represent Republicans at our State Convention.


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