Veto SB 1440: Don't Let Texas Democratic Legislators Take Away 4th Amendment Rights!

SB 1440Citizens across Texas are calling for Governor Perry to veto SB1440 in order to protect families' Constitutional rights.


Your Action is Required! 

SB1440, filed and amended by two Texas Democratic congressmen, was recently passed by legislation and will suspend 4th amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure during the investigation of child protection cases. The passing of this bill also jeopardizes all the recent efforts by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to adjust and rectify its Policies and Procedures Handbook in order to comply with the devastated families that have fought so hard against unjust actions by the Child Protective Services- such as the time the Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) used a false allegation to seize 440 children from their families at a FLDS sect ranch.


According to a Parent Guidance Center Article, "if SB 1440 is not vetoed, Child Protective Services will be able to gain access to people’s homes and children by merely presenting an affidavit to the court asking for a court order to 'aid in an investigation.' If after being served this order, parents assert their 4th amendment rights, they may be held in contempt of court!”

Simply said, SB1440 will allow government intrusion into your home and access to your property, taxes, and children on the sole basis of one person's opinion. Shockingly, the government will have the right to come snatch your children with a simple anonymous (or prank call, perhaps) to Child Protective Services. "These court orders can also be obtained without a family’s knowledge that they are being investigated."

Orders for emergency removal in cases with obvious and immediate provable abuse exist without SB1440. Vetoing this bill will NOT take away Child Protective Services' discretionary power for an emergency removal of a child. Vetoing this bill, will however, take away Child Protective Services' power to disregard our 4th amendment rights, allowing our homes to be searched and our children to be seized with no probable cause.

Do your part to protect our Texas households from the government by vetoing SB1440. Veto SB1440 even if you are not from Texas because if this bill gets signed by the governor, it is likely it will soon pass in other states as well.

Let Governor Perry hear your voice!


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