Rep. Van Duyne Introduces Legislation to Force the Biden Administration to Deliver Ammunition to Our Ally May 9, 2024

Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne introduced H.R. 8295, the “Immediate Support for Israel Act,” to force the Biden administration to deliver aid and material support passed by Congress to our ally Israel. 

"Weeks ago, Congress came together in a bipartisan manner to pass an aid package for Israel. In an unprecedented move, President Biden not only halted the shipment of aid but also unilaterally added conditions to that very same aid - defying Congressional intent. Israel is currently engaged in a war with a terrorist organization that is still holding over 100 civilian hostages. There is simply no excuse for this delay.” said Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne. “This administration must comply with congressional intent, ensuring the aid and material support authorized by Congress and signed into law is immediately released to Israel.”

Click HERE for bill text. 


  • In April 2024, Congress passed and President Biden signed into law a bipartisan aid package that included replenishing Israel’s missile defense systems.
  • The Biden Administration is withholding aid to Israel and unilaterally imposing conditions on its release. 
  • Israeli officials have expressed their frustration with the administration’s decision to delay aid, warning hostage negotiations could be jeopardized.
  • According to The Associated Press, “The White House National Security Council sought to keep the decision out of the public eye for several days… until Biden could deliver a long-planned speech on Tuesday to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day.”

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