Russians Lied – Syrians Died

The Russians lied.

In 2013, the Russian bear entered into a sweeping agreement with the United States. The deal, Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons would be removed by the middle of 2014.

Russia would guarantee this agreement. In return, the United States would indefinitely stall air strikes.

For months, we have watched in horror as defenseless men, women, and children were murdered by the rogue Syrian regime, intent on using chemical weapons against their own people. Friday evening, President Trump joined our allies, France and Britain, to authorize precision air strikes against chemical weapon production and storage in Syria.

This decisive retaliation was an appropriate, targeted response to this horrific crime. No chemical weapons in Syria.

However, the United States’ role in Syria must be focused. The U.S.’ purpose in Syria is to eradicate the influence of ISIS.

Any other U.S. military escalation of the Syrian war must be authorized by Congress. But meanwhile, Assad the butcher now knows from our President not to cross a red line and use chemical weapons on his people. 

And that’s just the way it is.


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