Rep. Roy issues statement on H. Res. 149

Representative Chip Roy (TX-21) issued the following statement on H. Res. 149:

“The resolution before us makes a serious assertion. Genocide's definition in the 1948 international convention on the subject — later agreed to by the U.S. Senate as a treaty — makes a specific, legal, definition of a truly horrendous crime that has happened far too many times to too many groups throughout human history. 

Since the beginning of the current war in Ukraine, evidence suggests that Russia has committed atrocities that may rise to that level.  But, over the past few months, this body has abandoned regular order and deliberation on far too many important issues, including this one. 

Something like this should not be treated as a messaging point so we can virtue signal our opposition to one of our adversaries. That crime, its definition, and the implication of such a declaration are far too serious to pass through on suspension of the rules without any real debate, hearings, and discussion on the matter from this body. For that reason, I voted no.”


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