Israel isn’t going away because America won’t permit it to be destroyed

On Tuesday, Representative Chip Roy (TX-21) and Heritage Foundation VP for Foreign Policy and National Defense Victoria Coates penned an op-ed calling on the Biden administration and Congress to support Israel.

Some key quotes are below:

  • “Biden still claims to ‘stand with Israel.’ But he doesn’t want to stand with Israel too much because he risks losing the votes of those who support the Palestinians — including, apparently, his own wife. So now he’s encouraging Israel to stand down instead of standing up to the Iranians.” 
  • “This UNSCR turns a blind eye to Hamas terrorism and opens the door to the group getting a ceasefire while keeping the hostages — and the United States let it pass.”
  • “None of the UNSCRs in question have done anything material to either reduce violence or produce peace in the Middle East. But they have all contributed to the counter-productive impression among the Palestinians that violence against Israel is somehow legitimate.”
  • “Given the Biden administration’s reluctance to unequivocally support Israel’s self-defense, it stands with Congress to do so — and just as failure on Israel policy has been bi-partisan, success can be so as well.”
  • “Any future American administration that values the U.S.-Israel alliance should make it clear Israel isn’t going away because America won’t permit it to be destroyed.”

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