The Runaway Crime Enablers

Lina Hidalgo, Adrian Garcia and Rodney Ellis.

Look at their record since 2019:

  1. Wrong on not providing the county jail resources it needs to protect guards and inmates.
  2. Wrong to have sought cutbacks on Constable neighborhood patrols.
  3. Wrong on failing to properly fund the DA's office - in fact, the money instead was given to the Public Defender's Office that originally had not asked for it.
  4. Wrong to do a sweetheart deal with the bail bond suit that was probably illegal and has raised the crime rate.
  5. Wrong to never factor in public safety.
  6. Hidalgo was wrong when she said in 2019 - no new jail cells on her watch - she was wrong when she wanted the jail emptied so there would not be massive Covid deaths.
  7. Finally this week in an interview on Channel 2 - Hidalgo said - it was the first she heard about jail expansion. This proves she is the problem and not part of any solution.

Fortunately, Hidalgo and Garcia are on the ballot in March - hopefully they lose their primaries or get beat in November.


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