Partisan House Bill Politicizes Safety of SCOTUS Justices & Families

Yesterday on the floor, I urged my colleagues in the House to support my bipartisan Supreme Court Police Parity Act, which passed the Senate on Monday, instead of partisan legislation from House Democrats that has no chance of Senate passage. Excerpts of my remarks are below, and video can be found here.

“This egregious leak of this draft opinion has created serious security threats for members of the Supreme Court and their families.”

“The threats to Justices remain high because emotions are high, and the Chief Justice has asked Congress to take action to protect the Justices and their families by simply providing the same sort of authorities that the Capitol Police has to provide protection to members of Congress and our families.”

“Our bill passed the Senate unanimously on Monday, and now it's time for our colleagues in the House to follow suit.”

“They've chosen to ignore the bipartisan bill that received unanimous support in the Senate and have introduced a partisan version.”

“This partisan bill in the House ignores the good faith work that was being done here in the Senate to build consensus and expands this legislation to include divisive provisions like potentially extending police protection to the very person who leaked the draft opinion.”

“Well, this stands no chance of becoming law.”

“I can't think of any good reason why House Democrats would delay a vote on this bipartisan bill or worse, allow the safety of the Justices' families to become a political football.”


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