Democrats’ Threats Against Federal Judiciary Must Stop

Recently on the floor, I called out Democrats’ continued attempts to defame, intimidate, and coerce the federal judiciary. Excerpts of my remarks are below, and video can be found here.

“In recent years, we’ve witnessed a deeply concerning string of attacks, verbal and otherwise, against federal judges. I’m not talking about fiery speeches or statements by activists and organizations that happen to disagree with a particular ruling. That’s their right under the First Amendment to the Constitution.”

“What I’m talking about are physical threats, including those from elected officials who want to control another branch of government.”

“When we say something like that, people do listen. And I have no doubt that some heard Senator Schumer issue unveiled threats against Supreme Court Justices, and they viewed that as permission to take action on their part.”

“It’s time to lower the temperature. When angry mobs gather on the Justices’ front lawns and members of the high court feel like there’s a bounty on their head, something needs to change.”

“In light of those security threats, the Senate unanimously passed a bill that I introduced, along with Senator Coons of Delaware, to extend security protection to the Justices’ families.”

“How quickly some of our colleagues seem to forget the dangers that Supreme Court Justices face every day.”

“We are not here to bully any judge into doing what the Majority Leader wants, or what any of us wants, which would ultimately undermine the legitimacy of the Court because they don’t like some of the rulings. Again, the remedy for a ruling and a decision you don’t like is an appeal.”

“Unfortunately, many in… today’s Democratic party are trying to blur the line between the legislative and judicial branches and act as if the judges are supposed to be partisan players.”

“While judges’ decisions may not always be popular, they should be given due respect.”

“The defamation and intimidation of federal judges is dangerous, both to the judges themselves and to the health of our constitutional democracy. It’s time to lower the temperature and show respect for our Constitution, which means to show respect for the independence of the federal judiciary.”


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