County Dems Put Constables/Public Safety In The Crosshairs

I recently learned Lina Hidalgo, Adrian Garcia and Rodney Ellis might soon continue their attacks on local law enforcement through recommendations being pushed by a uber leftist consulting firm - PFM - brought in specifically to gut the fight against crime.

As we were going to press, Adrian Garcia, responding to pressure from the pro-public safety community has now backed off supporting what the PFM consulting firm is pushing as detailed herein. Of course, he hasn't told us why we are spending county taxpayer money for yet another left-wing consultant to tell us how to run our county.

PFM, a giant firm run by consultants who advocate defunding the police and is being paid millions of taxpayers dollars for questionable work, is recommending Harris County's eight constables be defunded even further by stripping them of their law enforcement duties and limiting them to serving civil papers and security in justice of the peace courts. The radical anti-law enforcement firm is also peddling a scenario where the number of constables is cut from eight to four and where law enforcement positions be shifted to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, which is controlled by Garcia.

I have previously reported to you about the rising crime and murder rates and how Democrats on Commissioners Court have ignored and dismissed crime victims and their advocates as they defunded constables.

Garcia and Ellis, along with Hidalgo, have done all that while continuing to push so-called bail reforms that put repeat offenders back out on the streets to victimize more people. I have long known that the Democrats running county government, especially Garcia, wish to hurt our constables.

The constables do a great job protecting our community and have long been an incredible asset in the fight against crime. They are also more accountable to voters because they practice real community policing and are in touch with what various neighborhoods need in terms of protection. Dems like Hidalgo, Garcia, and Ellis believe in bureaucratic monsters that get nothing done. Anything that makes it easier on criminals.

The PFM constable-killer proposal could wind its way to Commissioners Court through the county's Criminal Justice Coordinating Council or go straight to Commissioners Court. Be on the lookout.

PFM has been peddling its various studies and reports, which are full of inaccuracies and a basic lack of understanding of Texas laws. The brazen move by radical leftists here would be to try going after the constables even considering recent state legislation aimed at preventing defunding the police.

We know Republicans Cagle and Ramsey are all over this issue and I urge them to remain vigilant and to be ready to join constables and their long list of allies to fight more defunding of police if Garcia and his crew carry out this insane plan.

Garcia has been pushed back on this issue before by public outcry. I know this could happen again and will be watching also. Is he with the law-abiding citizens or the dangerous criminals? His record says with the criminals but watch him slither to the anti-crime side as he senses his reelection efforts are in trouble.


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