White House Showing Signs of Strain as Health Care Debate Spins Out of Control

Well it seems the rats are jumping ship on Obamacare. The left is enraged at the seeming abandonment of the public option and the apparent secret deals with the pharmaceutical industry and the medical insurance lobby. Is it any wonder that enthusiasm among Democrats is plunging without a public option? Rasmussen reports only 50% suppport the plan, and with a public option an astounding 79% of Republican's oppose.

The White House has been so focused on campaigning, it has lost its way and doesn't know what it wants. This occurred mainly because instead of putting together a plan and asking for support they let the far-left Congressional Democrats draft a plan and are now forced to defend it when the don't even know what the plan is. One big mistatement President Obama continues to make is that if you like your insurance plan you can keep it, but FactCheck.org reports that this is not true, "Under the House bill some employers might have to modify plans after a five-year grace period if they don't meet minimum benefit standards....some firms are likely to buy different coverage for their workers than they have now, or simply drop coverage and pay a penalty instead, leaving workers to buy their own private coverage or go on a new federal insurance plan."

It seems the right plan is to slow down and get the reform right with ideas like shifting the medical tax benefits to individuals from business, health insurance exchanges, expanded health savings account, preventative care, best practices sharing and paying medical providers for outcomes and not procedures. The health care for Americans is too important to do it wrong.


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