Texas Wildfire Update from Citizen Patriot Response

The Texas Forest Service reports the Tri-County/Magnolia fire to now be contained at 19,620 acres. The Bastrop fire is reported to be 75% contained at 34,068 acres. Approximately 20 new fires a day have been reported over the past two weeks. Readers are able to go to this website to obtain more information from the Texas Forest Service.

Various Texas Tea Party, 9-12, and other liberty-minded organizations have raised thousands of dollars and contributed large amounts of aid to the various victims of the Texas Wildfires.

Magnolia Fire: The King Street Patriots hosted a speaker and fundraiser for Texans who lost homes in the Magnolia fire. Montgomery County, Precinct 5 Constable, David Hill, opened up his offices for the collected aid. Citizen Patriot Response had the honor of delivering the gathered aid from Texans to the Constable himself. We entrusted approximately $1,600 in small denomination gift cards, and two trucks and one trailer full of needed aid. Constable David Hill’s stance on people helping people and not needing FEMA to dictate how was very encouraging. We trust his judgement on distributing the resources fairly and responsibly.

Citizen Patriot Response will be supporting the efforts of Constable Hill as our contact for the Magnolia Fire.

Bastrop Fire: Citizen Patriot Response is happy to have located two amazing groups we are encouraging Texans to support. Both groups are churches and have amazing histories of outreach in their communities. The Penning for Jesus Cowboy Church and Celebration Community Church are both located in fire-damaged areas near the Bastrop fire.

Call to Action: Citizen Patriot Response asks Tea Party, 9-12, and other liberty-minded groups to:

  1. Organize Houston area groups to help the Magnolia area, while central Texas and Dallas area groups assist the Bastrop area.
  2. Have each group designate an individual to contact the local community-led effort and inquire as to specific current needs.
  3. Gather aid and donations from your groups.
  4. Designate a team from your group to deliver the aid and resources to the local community-led effort.
  5. Let Citizen Patriot Response know what you did and remember we are here to encourage and assist your efforts to organize yourselves and give your aid and help directly to the liberty-minded groups we have identified in each disaster area.
  6. Stay vigilant and remember that our state is in grave danger from potential wildfires. Have a team from your group commit to pay attention to local news and reports regarding new fires.
  7. Have a plan and a list to call if your local fire department needs assistance.
  8. Encourage others to have a shovel in their truck bed or trunk for helping to extinguish a small fire if one starts.

Citizen Patriot Response will now focus on assisting various groups across the state to organize and assist the local community-led efforts we have identified in each of the disaster areas. Citizen Patriot Response will assist in gathering and delivering aid if any Tea Party, 9-12, or other liberty-minded groups need assistance in doing so. Please contact us with any questions and let us know if we can assist your group in any way.

The Citizen Patriot Response Shelter currently has one individual residing with us. One more individual is likely to come in the next week. Neither are victims of the wildfires. One is a victim of violent crime and the coming resident struggles with addiction and mental health issues.

The Citizen Patriot Response Shelter does not require money from those staying with us. Our requirements are that anyone residing with us must attend church with us, contribute to chores, help create and enact a plan for getting on their feet, and help us help others. Citizen Patriot Response believes God does the most work in our lives when we dedicate ourselves to helping others.

Citizen Patriot Response stands ready to identify groups in any new wildfire stricken area for Tea Party, 9-12, and other liberty-minded groups to assist if needed. We hope all liberty-minded Texans will send aid to local efforts and not to large centralized charities that discourage local and personal responsibility and control over how their own communities handle their problems.

Citizen Patriot Response thanks you for your support.

Partner Information:

Magnolia area: Constable David Hill, (281) 259-6493, Montgomery County Precinct 5, 19100 Unity Drive, Magnolia, Texas 77355

Bastrop area: Kim Lasker, (512) 332-2537, Celebration Community Church, 111 Longhorn Drive, Bastrop, Texas 78602

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