Texas Governor Race Affects Whole Nation

Kay Bailey Hutchison's formal announcement verifying her campaign to unseat Governor Rick Perry in the 2010 race for governor has spurred debate across the great state of Texas. The race between these two Texas Republicans will be key as Texas needs a strong Conservative to lead her and our nation in the "fight against sweeping waves of the socialism." And not only does this race matter for Texans, but it matters for the rest of the nation too:

This being a red state, Texas Republicans are influence peddlers. What happens in their elections – particularly a high-profile contested primary for governor – can shape the GOP nationally. The players, the themes and the constituencies all matter to the party's ebb and flow.
In general, the GOP remains in disarray. It lacks national leaders who can effectively challenge the Obama administration. And despite rear-guard actions against the health-care reform effort, Republicans are far from presenting a compelling vision for the country.
...Republicans must build a bridge between their fervent foot soldiers and the broader electorate. One way to do that is to talk about issues such as improving our public schools. They must go beyond vouchers, which is about as far as some Republicans want to go with education.
Similarly, how will the candidates discuss the border and immigration? No doubt, Texas needs solutions and needs them fast. But Republicans can't please only the most ardent proponents of strong border security and opponents of illegal immigration – not if they plan to have any chance of winning the state's fastest-growing population group, Latino voters.

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