Texas Woman Jailed for Alleged Retaliation Against Juror

A Dallas area woman is joining her son in jail after she allegedly threatened to kill one of the jurors who convicted her son of murder in July.

Felicia Washington, 47, now sits in the Dallas County jail after she reportedly called one of the jurors from her son’s murder trial and then threatened to kill her. The woman’s son, Deric Madison, 25, was convicted in July for the murder of Joshua Tubbleville.

Madison was sentenced to life in prison for killing Tubbleville. Police linked Madison to the shooting of Tubbleville with DNA and fingerprints. The evidence was found in Tubbleville’s apartment home and car, WFAA reported.

Mrs. Washington called the unidentified juror to try to persuade the juror “to somehow get an attorney to reduce Deric Madison’s sentence,” court records obtained by WFAA reveal. She allegedly told the juror she knew the woman had been a juror in her son’s murder trial.

When the juror refused to help her, Washington got mad and told the juror “she was going to kill her,” the documents state. The woman then hung up the phone and called police.

Tubbleville, 33, was shot inside his car, a July 2014 report by WFAA stated. The shooting occurred while Madison was attempting to rob Tubbleville after they both had left a restaurant. The victim drove away and later crashed into a tree near a gas station. He died from his wounds at an area hospital.

Investigators found food inside the victim’s car leading them back to the restaurant where both men were reported to have left at the same time. Madison’s fingerprints and DNA were found not only in the car, but also in Tubbleville’s apartment. A baseball cap with Madison’s DNA was also found near the scene.

Mrs. Washington could face up to twenty years in prison if convicted on the single count of obstruction, felony.

Originally published on Breitbart Texas.


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