Texas Governor’s Office Takes Over Dallas Ebola Apartment Cleanup

DALLAS, Texas -- The governor’s office is taking over the decontamination process at the apartment of the 2nd Ebola patient. Clean Guys Environmental, hired by the county, is being replaced by Protect Environmental Services Inc., hired by the governor’s office, after concerns about the sanitation procedures.

Breitbart Texas spoke with Richard Cameron, General Manager of Protect Environmental Services Inc., and was told the governor’s office hired them directly because they were concerned with how the cleanup was being done by the previous team the county hired.

The governor’s office is going to be coordinating with Center for Disease Control (CDC) and developing the final cleanup plan which will begin Monday morning. Sana Syed, a Public Information Officer with the City of Dallas told Breitbart Texas they do not expect to have very much to clean up, the patient was inside the apartment for only a brief period of time after becoming contagious.

According to USA Today, Mayor Mike Rawlings said that the patient’s dog remained in the infected healthcare worker's apartment when she was hospitalized and will soon be sent to a new location to await its owner's recovery and there are no plans to euthanize the dog.

Originally posted on Breitbart Texas.


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