A Push For USA PATRIOT Act Extension

Senator Jon Kyl and I introduced legislation yesterday to renew several key components of the PATRIOT Act and address other national security needs.

Recent events around the country, including my home state of Texas, remind us just how real a threat terrorists pose to our national security. Since 2001, the PATRIOT Act has provided our nation’s law enforcement- who have worked so diligently with our intelligence community- the tools they need to protect the American people from another terrorist attack.

Reauthorizing key components of the PATRIOT Act will allow them to continue their important mission. I’m pleased to join Sen. Kyl in this effort. Keeping our nation safe from another terrorist attack is a top priority, so it is imperative we pass this legislation before these critical measures expire at the end of this year.


The so-called Patriot Act is NOT protecting us, it is simply allowing the government more control over our lives.

Don't reauthorize it - Kill it!


I am not an advocate of general government intrusion into our lives, but Travis you need to think for a moment.

If you lived in NY and survived the horror of 9/11, and another plan to bomb NY had been disrupted as a result of the use of the Patriot Act (which is what actually happened) wouldn't you sleep better at night knowing that a major attack did not happen? You know via the news that this bomb threat was the most serious one found since 9/11.

I guess until it happens to you, in your town, it's easy to argue against the Patriot Act. But in these terrible times I would not want to tie the hands of any law enforcement person who is brave enough to fight this war on our behalf.

3 terrorists (out of hundreds) were water boarded and you would think that we were a bunch of lawless bullies. Al Queda chopping heads off on live TV, now that's lawless. What can't we focus on them instead of the CIA?  Oh, I forget, "we need to create a crisis that fundamentally changes the system".  Help me out....does demoralizing and threatening our intelligence community foster the advancement of a "crisis in America" agenda?

I am not the kind to cringe when the police come up behind me. Are you? I view them as protectors, not as enemies of my freedom. I live as right as I can and I don't fear the Patriot Act, but I hope our enemies fear it. I hope they are terrified of being found out. And we should not give them cause for celebration by cancelling it.

I say, give our Patriots every tool they need to fight for us, and strike fear in the heart of every enemy that dares to plot against us.

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