Super Tuesday 2020 Observations

Another interesting election. The Democrats are down to Sanders and Biden. The rapid decline in the Democratic field looks to be an attempt by the establishment to save the House of Representatives at the price of party division. Biden is the safe choice but is he ready for prime time? In addition, he has his scandals in the Ukraine and has become a gaffe machine. (See and the article by Ron Hart)

From here it looks like President Trump will be re-elected, barring unforeseen circumstances. The Bernie brigades will not be happy with the second manipulation of the Democratic race by the insiders, which means a divided Democratic party.

As always, there are interesting winners, losers, and trends to be noted in the primary election season.

First, white males are becoming extinct as elected Democratic officials, at least in Harris County, Texas. Last Tuesday the following incumbent Democratic males lost: Judge Larry Weiman, along with Judges Moore, Kirkland, Roll and Powell were all defeated. It was a loss of significant experience on the bench and in many instances their opponents do not have the seasoning needed to be a quality judge. This also reaffirms the belief that our judicial selection system in Texas' major counties is badly broken and needs reform.

In other races of interest, long-time Democratic Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan was ousted in a three-man race and almost fell to third place. Kim Ogg won a hotly contested race for re-nomination for District Attorney and now will face GOP primary winner Mary Nan Huffman. Ogg clashed with uber-leftists on the overreaching of the failing bail reform system. She was also attacked by the crazies because she wants bonds to consider public safety too.

Finally, controversial Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis beat Maria Jackson after a spirited race. With a massive lead in funding and an intimidating network, this was a tough battle. Add to this, Ellis used about $325,000 of county funds for mailings to Democratic and independent voters. This abuse of public funds is in essence public funding of his campaign. This is being looked at closely by authorities. Ellis may not ever get to start a new term as Commissioner.

Now for Republicans, a few observations and surprises. Wesley Hunt was strong in winning without a runoff in Texas Congressional District 7. In Texas Congressional District 22, Troy Nehls and Kathaleen Wall are headed to a runoff. For District Attorney, Mary Nan Huffman won convincingly and will be a formidable candidate in November. In the key Commissioner Precinct 3 race, Tom Ramsey smashed his opponents. In House District 132, Mike Schofield won narrowly over newcomer Angelica Garcia (Governor Abbott's choice) by six points. Schofield had to work very hard to secure this victory. Garcia is a Hispanic Republican with a future.

There will be runoffs in J.P. Precinct 5, Place 1 where incumbent Russ Ridgway faces off with perennial candidate Mike Wolfe, and in the First Court of Appeals Place 5, long-time conservative District Judge James Lombardino faces off against Terry Adams.

And finally, the long nightmare of Harris County Republicans is over. The biggest loser in party history, Paul Simpson, was beaten by newcomer Keith Nielsen. The journey back to the top can now begin.

It's time to come together, nothing less is at stake than our city on the hill. We must motivate voters to come out or we can watch our freedom and our future stolen by the radical socialists dominating the Democratic Party.


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