Real Russian Collusion, President Obama Style

We know Barack Obama is a former President, but all the false attacks on President Trump regarding relations with Russia are nothing compared to the Obama administration's record that the media and the Democrats have forgotten or just ignore; so, lets review the record by each administration:

Questionable Acts By President Obama

  • President Obama told Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, "After the elections I will have more flexibility."
  • President Obama scrapped the missile defense agreement President Bush agreed to in Poland and Czechoslovakia and he got no concessions from the Russians for it.
  • President Obama approved selling 20% of the U.S. uranium mining capacity in the Uranium One Deal to the Russians.
  • President Obama in the 2012 election made fun of Mitt Romney's statement that Russia posed the greatest geopolitical challenge to U.S. interests.
  • President Obama failed to enforce his red line on Syrian use of poison gas against its own people.
  • President Obama released 5 Taliban terrorist leaders for U.S. Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl.
  • President Obama gave the Russian ally Iran $1.7 billion in cash in exchange for four hostages the Iranians were holding.
  • President Obama failed to send arms to the Ukraine, but instead sent army meals.
  • On President Obama's watch, Syria was essentially destroyed, and Russia came to dominate the country and illegal immigrants from the area inundated Europe by the tens of thousands.

So Now Compare & Contrast Through Acts By President Trump Toward The Russians

  • President Trump sent lethal military aid to the Ukrainian army.
  • President Trump imposed tough sanctions against Russia.
  • President Trump authorized the liquidation of Russian paramilitary that threatened U.S. troops in Syria.
  • President Trump has eased energy regulations allowing our energy sector to become the largest in the world and making life more difficult for countries dependent on oil and gas like Russia and Iran.
  • President Trump has increased the defense budget, improved our military, and state of readiness.
  • President Trump kicked out scores of Russian diplomats for violation of the rules for their presence in America.
  • President Trump authorized the bombing of Syrian military installations.
  • President Trump weakened the Russian ally Iran by reinstituting sanctions, while President Obama strengthened Iran.

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