O'Rourke To Star In "The Emperor's New Clothes"

Remember the fairy tale by Hans Christian AndersenThe Emperor's New Clothes? A fun story where the Emperor is fawned toward and lied to, being told what he wants to hear when it wasn't true.

So it goes with the mainstream media and its love affair with Robert Frances (Beto) O'Rourke. If they would actually look objectively, the media would discover a vapid, empty suit parading as the key to the Hispanic vote.

As long-time Hispanic syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette Jr. recently wrote:

"My criticism of a Texas-size cultural enigma who changes his schtick like other people change cellphone companies has enraged both white liberals and Latino lefties. Beware the Beto Bots."

"The white liberals prefer that Mexican-Americans serve up chips and not options. And they're miffed that I rejected their choice for the preferred "Latino" 2020 presidential hopeful, after they went to the trouble of choosing him for me.

"The Latino lefties have such low self-esteem and deep insecurities that they're flattered that a handsome Irish-American who grew up on the soft side of town and studied in the Ivy League wants to be one of them.

"After leaving Congress and losing a Senate race, O'Rourke hit the open road in search of America. What he found was that Beto really loves Beto.

"I don't feel the love. I think the Texas Democrat is a phony, an opportunist and an underachiever whose thought process is stuck in the shallow end. And what really bothers me is how the media, liberals and the rest of the Beto Bots deify him and demonize critics."

Here are a few of the reasons why "Beto-mania" bugs him:

"O'Rourke talks about the importance of taking courageous stances. But, as the Washington Post pointed out recently after interviewing him, he avoids taking firm positions on controversial issues. That's not courage."

"When the Post asked about immigration and what to do about visa overstayers, O'Rourke said: "I don't know." He lives in El Paso, not Des Moines. He can't say: "I don't know." An actual Mexican-American would be toast if he said that.

"O'Rourke doesn't do homework. He is the Democratic Party's version of Sarah Palin, telegenic and charismatic but afraid to open a book because he thinks it might explode in his face.

"The son of a county commissioner and county judge, the Democrat is now the husband of Amy O'Rourke and the son-in-law of William D. Sanders, a realestate tycoon who has been called a billionaire but who Forbes insists is worth a measly $500 million. With an estimated net worth of $5-10 million, Beto never learned accountability. Not even after getting arrested in his 20's for drunk driving and breaking into the University of Texas in El Paso.

O'Rourke's father, Pat, was the one who gave him the nickname "Beto". Pat told reporters he thought it would help his son if he entered politics in El Paso. But first, Beto went to Columbia University in New York, where he conveniently reverted to "Robert."

"Beto may be a serious candidate but he does not seem to be a serious person. Everything is a show, a joke, a missed test he didn't study for anyway. What do you expect when you come up short and still fall backward into an interview with Oprah?"

TCR Comment: Write it down, "Beto" peaked the day he announced last week.


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