Now That We Know The GOP Presidential Candidates Are Flawed...Who Is Your Pick?

Now that the Liberal mainstream media has decided what we should think about our GOP candidates, it may be time we take a good hard look at them through their eyes. Let’s start off with Mitt Romney. We have seen him perform in 2008 and compared to John McCain he appeared conservative. Romney is still NOT conservative no matter how the MSM tells us he is and how much the MSM tells us we need him. We know who he and that he flip flops. The MSM has more or less let him go about his campaign without any intrusion because, from all indications, they want him to be the GOP nominee. They know him. He is the ‘one’ the established Republican politicians want to negotiate legislation. What does the MSM know about Romney that we don’t? I guess we will just have to wait and see. The MSM and the Obama Campaign are on the ready for the Romney attacks. Will Romney help reelect Obama?

Remember when Michele Bachmann was the conservative darling? She won the Ames Straw Poll in August of this year, and we were so proud of her. Yes, we all wanted to vote for her until we witnessed her attack on Governor Rick Perry and she exaggerated her point on Gardasil. The MSM did not let us forget that. Everybody was holding their breath for Governor Rick Perry to enter the race. His polling numbers, when he declared his candidacy in August, were at the top of the charts with a 29% on the Rasmussen Chart. We just did not expect our hero to have a ‘brain freeze’ during the debates. After all, no one has ever experienced these…not Obama the president with his teleprompter. The MSM said Perry’s debating skills caused his crash! So the MSM took the rug right from under Perry and he came tumbling down. Obama continues to be the king of gaffes, yet remains the ‘darling’ of the MSM.

Along came Herman Cain and he quickly took Perry’s poll place. He was so ‘likeable’, so black, so inexperienced. In fact, his charm and jokester personality outshined his lack of knowledge. The MSM looked the other way while enjoying his comedy acts and he glided to the top tier. But all good things must come to an end because that is the way of the MSM. Politico was the first to break the story that he had sexually harassed two women at the National Restaurant Association while he had been president. True or false, other women have come out and his inability to stay focused when detailing a story has caught up with him. The MSM was his shadow until he succumbed to the pressure and dropped out.

Newt Gingrich has quietly been planning all along how to out maneuver his fellow opponents with kind words. No squabbling, no bickering, soothing his opponents’ feathers all the while wanting their demise. He has managed to out fox them all and is sitting on top of the heap as of now. In fact, he even made the egotistical statement that he was going to be the GOP nominee. Iowa has NOT happened, and he is counting his chickens? How long will the MSM allow this? He has been given the label of Gingrich, the one with all the baggage. He will soon experience the wrath of the MSM. And to be fair to the other GOP candidates, we should know all there is to know about Newt. If we don’t, we lose to Obama because his campaign knows all about Gingrich!

Last, but not least, is Rick Santorum, the very conservative candidate, the candidate at the bottom, the candidate that has not had his day in the limelight. We all know his family values are flawless and we all know he has no money. Why? Conservative Republicans have not sent him any. The MSM stays away from him other than to poke fun at him, to tell us how he hates gays. After all that is all he knows, right?! Never mind that he was a senator from Pennsylvania and is intelligent and articulate. Chris Wallace from Fox News really told him how insignificant he was because of how he treated the gay soldier during one of the debates, and we believed. It was the Republican audience that booed, not Santorum. But Santorum has paid the price.

By now we should not be shocked at anything the Liberal MSM is going to uncover about our GOP candidates. It is us that must be prepared. It is us that must take a stand. But it is also us that must have the discernment to know who we will select. We all know that Romney is not a conservative and is favored by the MSM, DC insiders and Republican Liberals. We also know he is a trained seal and will do what he has to do to win the GOP nomination. Gingrich, as intelligent and knowledgeable as he is, has many flaws including being sold on his own intrinsic worth. We must ask ourselves, is Gingrich ready to embrace the common folk, or is he just another elitist who believes he knows better and will rape the land. Could Perry the governor, with the highest job creation record in the country, overcome his ‘brain freeze’ and be our next president? We must focus on Obama the bully, the whiner, the ineffective leader and the world class liar as he campaigns throughout the states begging to be reelected. We must not let the MSM win!

America is on a dangerous path of moral decay and our youth must know that family values are vital to our survival. The corruption we are now seeing in DC is rampant and only a strong moral leader will deter the tide. We are now over $15 Trillion in debt. ObamaCare is taking over our nation like a deadly plague and must be repealed. America is desperate for jobs and the Obama Administration wants to keep the unemployed on welfare. We cannot continue to ‘pay’ unemployment indefinitely lest we become a total nanny nation. We must be wary of those candidates who promise too much too soon. Investigate your candidate. Do research. Listen to all sides good and bad about your candidate. Only then can you make a wise decision when entering the voting booth. Above all, after the primaries, we must all unite to make sure that Obama is not reelected. Nothing will change until the Obama Administration is eradicated.



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The MSM is holding our hand as they lead our nation to the guillotine.

Found this some time back:

We need to stop sipping the tasty kool-aid being fed us, quit being so lazy that we don't do our own research (beyond what the MSM offers), and then support our candidate of choice based upon facts, not rumors, or fly-by-night posts by ill-formed posters.

What an unconstructive article. Everything is MSM this! MSM that! If YOUR candidate isn't doing well it's the "msm's" fault. If a candidate that YOU don't like is doing well its the "msm's" fault. There is some truth to it, but you are way off on who the MSM is pushing. You are crazy if you think the MSM is supporting Mitt Romney. It is the MSM who has consistantly caracatured Romney as a "flip-flopper", "insincere", "robotic", "akward", and "unliked" by the majority of republicans eventhough he has remained at or near the top of both first choice and second choice polling. It is also the Main Stream Media who keeps raising the "Religion" issue against Romney hoping it catches on. It is the "Anybody But Mitt" candidate that the MSM is pushing. First they pushed Bachman, "it's a three person race now!". Then they pushed Perry big time as the Conservative white knight. "The only candidate who can unite the social, fiscal, and establishment factions of the party!" That, while completely ignoring his fatal weaknesses. Then it was all blue skys and roses from the MSM for Hermain Cain. He was "unorthodox"! But in a good way. And he was "authentic!". The Cain Train was here to stay! Sure. Now, the MSM clearly seams happy with with thier latest push, Newt Gingrch. Even as Gingrich has shot to the top of the polls the attacks on Mitt Romney have intensified, while Gingrich's disqualifying baggage is virtually ignored. I also hope that the people educate themselves on the candidates without blindly following the "MSM", that inludes the "Conservative" wing of the msm. Anyone who does so will see that Mitt Romney is a Conservative. Maybe not "the most" conservative, but certainly the best qualified Conservative. They will also see that Newt Gingrich has a record that is to the left of Mitt Romney. Gingrich is the only candidate who as late as 2007, supported a Federal mandate to purchase healthcare. On illegal immigration he says that illegal immigrants who have been here for 25 years should be given legal status. On curbing green house gases, he eseentially worked with Nancy Palosi to push Cap and Trade. This is a guy who cheated on his second wife with his now third wife while attacking Bill Clinton for his extra marital affair. This is also a guy who accepted millions in consulting fees from Fannie May and Freddie Mac. Gingrich is a life long politician. The epitome of a washington insider. Why then is he leading in the polls?

No mention of Ron Paul? Woeful!! 

I agree with another comment made earlier - Stop blaming the MSM. The People must stop complaining and get the education on the HISTORY of these issues that we think are so important. Stop blaming the liberals, or the NEOCONs, or whoever's shoulders are broad enough and far enough away from your front door that you can slip away into secrecy and isolation after throwing darts at a problem that requires mass movement to fix.


This battle is about ideas. As long as it is about ideas there will be NO winner.


Think of it this way, this victory cannot be won if all parties do not agree on the rules; much like a football game cannot be played if one team is required to play by the rules, while the opponent is free to change the rules in the middle of the game. So what are the rules that we can all agree upon, regardless of if you think you're part of the left or the right, or in between? Well, I submit that the rule book that we should all read and enforce is the one that ALL elected officials in America are STILL required to take an Oath to - the Constitution. Read and understand the Bill of Rights, which has NEVER been amended since it's ratification on Dec 15, 1791. In essence those constitutionally protected inherent rights mean the same thing today as they did when put to paper in 1789! If you disagree, you're a slave.


The constitution is just a piece of paper that limits government. Without YOUR knowledge of what's in it, it has absolutely no value or strength. Government isn't enforcing it. Only the People have this power and is exactly what our constitutional republic is dependent upon; the People to keep watch over government.


The U.S. Constitution is THE rule book that all elected officials in every city, county, state, and DC take an Oath to uphold and defend. It is past time for all People to come together under one umbrella, regardless of political stripes, and understand there is no left or right. There are only tyrants and servants. Who will you be?

ditto to the previous comment.



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