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Welcome to the Nullify Now Conference Live Blog coming to you from Austin, Texas. In this blog we will be bringing you a summary of today's speakers including Debra Medina and Thomas Woods.  As this will be a live blog, please pardon any obvious typos. 

Liberty Radio Talk Show host Jack Blood opened the event as Master of Ceremonies speaking about the blessings of real liberty and our responsibility to maintain that.  He recognized the upcoming speakers.

Steve Baysinger - Texas 10th Amendment Center

Texas Sovereignity is under attack.  The federal government has no tolerance for the states and are threatening states who would dare to oppose federal authority over healthcare. The EPA is attacking states on a consistant basis stating States do not have the sovereign right to oppose EPA edicts.

Federal Government failure to secure our borders puts the private property rights of Texans in danger.  This is intolerable in a free state.  Secure our borders or let the sovereign states do it!

Unreasonable searches by TSA employees deprive American citizens of their 4th Amendment rights.  The list of violations against our people goes on and on.

We must stand up against the federal government.  Now more than ever, United we Stand, Divided We Fall!


Robert Scott Bell - Radio Talk Show Host

Toasted the audience with a shot of colloidal silver in opposition to FDA controls on health.  Talked about how if you can find a cure for cancer or AIDS that doesn't include drugs the FDA will oppose it.

As a naturopathic doctor, Bell discussed the FDA's overreach on our health.  Talked about proper foods and how the government wants to keep them away from you.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Natural health brings results that FDA drugs cannot deliver.

After 19 years of treatment for alergies doctors told Bell they had no idea what was wrong and than maybe someday he would grow out of it.

Homeopathic doctors cure things they are not allowed to do by nullification of federal regulations.  The government violates 1st amendment rights of these doctors by limiting their ability to talk about what they can do.

There is no "Prozac" deficiency in people in America.  Children are abused by required vaccinations.  The government excercises force against parents that want to protect their children.

Some level of ADHD is a normal state of growing children.  We should not be drugging them into submission.

125,000 people in American are killed every year by the proper administration and use of prescribed medication.  Deaths "approved by the FDA"....

Only nullification can roll back federal healthcare.  Better to beg forgiveness than ask persmission.  Find natural treatments that will take care of your "inner constitution" so that you can then take care of our documented Constitution.

Don't ask for permission.  Do what you know is right and true to take care of your health.

Lelsey Swann - Tennessee 10 Amendment Center Volunteers

Tennessee and Texas are sister states as many Volunteers from TN come to Texas to fight for Liberty.  Now it is time to do that again.

The history of two political parties butting heads is nothing new and dates back to the very founding of our government.  Discussed Alien and Sedition Act of 1798 that sought to limit free speech during the John Adams administration.

Two men helped Kentucky and Virginia fight this law through the process of nullification.  These men being Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.  At this time, Jefferson was the sitting VP to John Adams.  They helped these states pass the Kentucky and Virginia Acts which nullified federal law.  1st application of nullification.

So, how do we bring this historic action of 1798 to today's America?

Nullification is the rightful remedy for states when the Federal Government overreaches its bounds in the Constitution.  The federal government, including the Supreme Court, is not the final arbitrator of the limits of federal power.  We the People are the true arbitors of the limits of the Constitution.

Madison called the overreach of federal authority "evil".

Mike Maharrey - 10th Amendment Center, Director of Communications

Nullification is much simpler than people make it out to be.  It is simply saying no when the federal government over reaches its bounds.

The left tries to claim that nullification is about southerners trying to bring back slavery.  In fact, nullification was never used to attempt to extend slavery.

Told the story of former runaway slave Joshua Glover.  After finding freedom Glover's former owner found him and tried to have him returned. 

The Glover episode and attendant circumstances were potent factors in creating an abolition sentiment in Wisconsin. In 1857 the legislature enacted a law "to prevent kidnaping," its purpose being to prevent the capture of fugitive slaves seeking asylum in this state.

Nullification was action against the federal laws requiring people to capture and return runaway slaves. 

“Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” Frederick Douglas

Bryce Shonka - 10th Amendment Center, National Deputy Director

Welcome to the Constitutional Resistance!

Good News... We the People are winning.  Almost 5 years ago the 10th Amendment center was founded.  In the past two years this organization is growing across the nation with no funding.  Now we are under attack by Rachel Maddow and the liberal elites.

Recognized several groups in attendance including a youth group representing the future of nullification.

Idaho has passed a healthcare nullification bill.  Alaska also passed healthcare nullification and a healthcare freedom act.  Minnesota and North Carolina have also passed nullification acts.

California has also enacted nullification with its medical marijuana laws.

More control over our lives is slowly being returnd to the people.

Jason Rink - Author and Speaker

Do you LOVE freedom?  Not prefer it.  Do you LOVE it?

Our founding fathers have charged us with the responsibility of defending freedom.  We must protect the tree of liberty from abuse of the federal government.  In this day, we have begun to hack away at the branches and roots of the tree of liberty.

Our children are being prohibited from learning what freedom really is or how it feels.  We must ALl protect liberty.  Do we LOVE freedom?  The way I love my only son?  Will you protect any attack on freedom?  Attack all enemies of Liberty.  We cannot wait for 435 people in DC to fall in love with Liberty.  We must take the message of Liberty to the people across this country. 

John Bush -Texans for Accountable Government, Radio Talk Show Host

Are you pumped up for freedom today?

Gov. Rick Perry is not  a friend of Liberty.  He is not a conservative.  Not a libertarian bone in his body.





  1. Trans-Texas Corridor
  2. Expanding the economy by growing the government
  3. Promoted mandatory Gardisil vaccinne
  4. Attended Bilderberg Group meeting in 2006 speaking about "federalism"
  5. Not a 10th Amendment supporter as illusttrated by appointments to head state department.
  6. Adopting Dept. of Homeland Security policies to declare average Americans to be "home grown terrorists"

Homeland Security was established to protect us from Islamic terrorists.  But it has now turned 180 degrees to seek to protect the "establishment" from Americans who work for liberty.

Now our government is supporting activists in Lybia who are tied to Al Qeida who would like to kill us...

DHS is infiltrating local law enforcement to declare Americans as potential domestic terrorists.

HB 3219 and SB 1572 to nullify DHS authority in Texas and protect the rights of motorcycle riders.

Wes Riddle - Republican Freedom Coalition

Republicans in action to protect freedom from attack within the Republican Party.  We are conservative before Republican and Texan before everything else.

Texans want to be left alone by the Federal Government. 

The spirit that founded Texas is the same spirit that established the freedoms of this nation.  It is our responsibility to keep the fires of freedom burning.

Victory or Death means as much today as it did during the battle for Texas independence. 

Cat Bleish - Operation Defuse co-founder

We must nullify "fusion centers".  Fusion Centers are DHS law enforcement centers to merge local, state and federal law enforcement information.  Internation intelligence centers designed to "predict crime" in America. MIAC report about the modern militia movement and people who should be considered potentially violent parties.

Stop state and local officials from taking federal money to profile us for protecting the Constitution of the USA.  We must be vigilant on this subject.

We can use the "Oath Keepers' principles to protect American Citizens.

Stop political profiling. 

Nullify HR 645 "National Emergency Centers" - 6 former military bases to become "detention centers".

Nullify TSA enhanced screening procedures.

In Texas we need action on: 

HB 1937 - Nullify TSA Patdowns - voted out of committee, awaiting house vote

HB 1938 - Nullify TSA electronic screening - still in committee

Nullify DHS!

Adrian Murray - Common Ground America

 Praised Debra Medina as a leader of Liberty and Freedom in Texas.  What we need in Texas is some "wisdom" that will find the right thing to do in spite of what is popular or creates adulation.

We are engaging in national suicide.  If we do not believe in ourselves, we will not survive.

Over 116 days, our founding fathers created the greatest document of freedom in the history of man.  Out of that grew a nation that has become the beacon of light for freedom loving people around the world.

Had they been motiviated by self-interest and self-importance, what would our world be like today?  What would the world be like today without America?  Would communism have choked out liberty around the world without America?  We are being lied to about the value of America in this world.  We must refute the lies.

The American People do not expect the Federal Government to educate our childeren.  We do not expect you to create our jobs.  We do not expect you to manage our economy.  We are not communists.  We expect the Federal Government to "OBEY THE DAMN LAW and STAY THE HELL OUT OF OUR LIVES!" 

The Madison WI protests displayed what American democracy would look like if we allowed the left to continue its takeover of our nation.  They protrayed everything the media says the Tea Party is, but what we are not.

We are a nation and a people who are conceived in liberty.  We must follow the example of our founders.  We must draw on the things that unite us. 

Michael Badnarik - Former Libertarian Candidate for President of the United States.

Free Speech Zones are "anywhere I am standing".

You have the right to exchange your time and effort for something of value.  You are not required to accept "monopoly money" as our federal reserve notes are today.

Eddie Allen - American Open Currency Standard

We support an "Honest Money Movement".  What is the definition of wealth?  Do you really have something of value?  What is the real value?

Wealth comes from the accumulation of things of value that you can exchange for other things of value.

How bad does it have to get before you will stop exchanging paper as a trading commodity?  The exponential growth in value of precious metals is staggering.

The time is now to prepare yourself for finding new trading currency.  Start looking for something of value.

The reason I am here today is to introduce the 10th Amendment Silver Medalion.  Start doing something about the value you hold.  Protect your wealth.

Daniel Miller - Texas Nationalist Movement

Talked about a story where there was a fire behind his house.  The fire department told him to wait and they would be there.  Instead, he took control and defended his home.

We are now engaged in a firefight.  It is a wildfire that does not care what the Constitution says.  It only wants to consume you and your liberty.

We are faced with a choice.  Do we stomp out the fire ourselves or do we build a firebreak? 

Texas is a free and independent states.  The fed is imparing our right of self governance.  You, the people have the power to make Texas Free and independent. 

David Simpson - Texas Legislator

The good news is the Texas Legislature only meets every two years for 140 days.  The bad news is, The Texas Legislature is NOW IN SESSION.

Read 2nd Chronicles 22 and 23 about usurpation.

Simpson has two bills before the legislature to nullify the TSA in Texas.

Simpson read the preamble to the Texas Constitution.  Then read section 29 in the Texas Bill of Rights as authority for Texas to exercise nullification.  Laws that violate the Texas Bill of Rights are "void".

Our rights are only as good as you and I will stand up for them.  The Texas Governor and our sheriffs are a valuable tool in the fight for nullification.

We are now in a day and time where state and local governments are being told what to do by the feds in contradiction to our own state constitution.

We must acknowledge our own faults in what we have asked government to do for us. 

The more self-government we have, the less civil-government we need.

Visit and stop the TSA.

Two bills prohibit TSA from offensive touching searches (HB 1937) and nude body scanners (HB 1938).  The touching bill is now out of committee and is in calendars.  We need help moving it out of calendars and onto the floor for a vote.

Of all the tyranies, a tyrany sincerely exercised for the good of its victims is the most abusive. CS Lewis

Texas has yet to learn oppression from any source.  Sam Houston.

David Neathery -

Our economic crisis started way before our current situation.  It started with some of our founding fathers who wanted big government.  In 1913 three things happend that effect us today.

1) 17th Amendment was passed allowing direct election of US Senators. This erroded states rights and centralized power in Washington.

2) Formation of Federal Income Tax System.  This has destroyed almost as much weath as it has taxed.

3) Creation of the Federal Reserve. It is neither federal, nor does it have reserves.  It is a private banking cartel that destroys our economy.

Stewart Rhodes - Oath Keepers, founder

If the military and police would stand up to their oath, it would be game over for the new world order.

Our military is conditioned to serve under foreign power.  However, that does not mean soldiers would fire on American civilians.  As an example, 1989 the East German military refused to fire on German civilians in protest and that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

If communist soldiers can learn the proper response to tyrany, our soldiers can as well.  They can figure out what is right.

Only two men in congress actual serve their oath and they both have the same last name.

We must remind all public servants of the oath they swore... to protect and defend the constitution of the United States.

Katrina was an example of how civil rights can be quickly violated as the government confiscated weapons and prohibited free travel.

Several military units refused to take part in this illegal action.

How can one take an oath to defend the Constitution when they have not read it?

Big Army blinked and backed down when confronted with the Constitution.

The oath of veterans does not expire.  We must all keep our oath.  Veterans have been negligent in defending their oaths and the Constitution.

We must protect ourselves.

Strong people backed up by strong sheriffs with strong militia are the necessary elements of a free society.

The founders never intended for a standing army.

Art Thompson - John Birch Society, CEO

Thanked attendees for the work they do every day to preserve freedom.

Most of us have experienced the "smear" attacks against our person or organizations.

TSA is abusing our rights every day while Muslims are allowed unscathed to our aircraft.

This nullification program is the only nullification program that is from the people with no hidden agenda.  Watch out for phony leaders with hidden agendas.

A constitutional convention is not a good solution to our current problems.

Term limits is not a good solution.

A balanced budget is not a good plan in and of itself.

The solution is to completely follow the Constitution.  The solution is to get the government down to the size and responsibilities that are defined in the Constitution.

We must be able to educate people in our spheres of influence.  Find 10 people you can talk to.  Be very careful how you approach people. Make sure they are ready to hear your message. Spoon feed when necessary.

Establish personal relationship with those you would seek to influence.

John Birch Society was the first "individualist" organization in US History.

Cooperate with one another in your common differences to win the fight!

Debra Medina - We Texans, former candidate for Texas Governor

The 10th Amendment Center was founded on the principle that People are sovereign, just as states are sovereign. 

Politicians are still confused about what is good public policy.  We are far removed from policies that promote freedom.

An example - A Texas state representative, Leo Berman, is working on state nullification and the 10th Amendment.

Nullification and Interposition is now resurging in Texas.  House Bill 297 in Texas is a healthcare nullification bill. 

When the Supreme Court says a bill is constitutional the people can still say a law is unconstitutional.

Berman says his bill would not have any effect if the healthcare law was declared unconstitutional.  He still doesn't understand nullification.

We are making headway but not as much as we would like on the battle of eliminating property tax.  Rep. White from east Texas filed a "shell bill" so that if we could perfect the property tax solution.  Chairman Hilderbrand has pledged a hearing if we can get it resolved.   The bill needs more debate and study.  It will probably not be introduced in this session.  It will be the basis for an indepth study during the interim.

Mike Adams - Natural News

Natural News founded 4 years ago is now the forth largest news organization on the net.

Natural News is having impact on shaping state laws and protecting people.  Stoped one state from changing laws to prohibit midwives and holistic practictioners in North Carolina.

Most Americans don't realize how dangereous the FDA is to American health. FDA approved deaths greatly outnumber the deaths of the Vietnam War and these happen EVERY YEAR.

FDA has now been granted new powers by the "Food Safety Act".  Small farmers will be put out of business if they grow too much, stopping job and food growth.  Instead food from South America is safe.  There is now a war on raw milk from the FDA.

The FDA is more interested in protecting corporate interests than people's health.

FDA attacks vegitable farmers without addressing the real source of these food related issues.

Natural Times interviewed KY gubernatorial candidate Phil Moffett who wants to legalize the growing of hemp.  He said he actually wants to "re-legalize" it. If Texas legalized industrial hemp it would be a goldmine for the Texas economy.  From hemp seeds to oil... it grows like a...    weed.

Cherry suppliments can eliminate gout.  The FDA prohibits making that claim. Cherries become "unapproved drugs".  If you make proven medical claims about "unapproved drugs" you can be "raided" by the FDA.  Yet when Viox causes 60K deaths, the FDA says, "I'm sorry, we missed that one."

Water cures a medical condition called dehydration...  Yet, don't dare make that claim.

When the news about Vitamin D went out, the Institute of Medicine they lowered the standard of Vitamin D requirements.  This affects dark skinned people.  Because of this, they have a higher rate of cancers in America.  Fed is standing in the way of real education about Vitamin D.

There are natural cures for cancer and diabetes.  The FDA stands in the way of your obtaining knowledge on this issue.  

Red Yeast Rice is a good source to fight colesterol. 

Floride in public water is a poison.  It is a toxic chemical.  It has a biological medical effect.

Watermellon has medicine that helps to lower high blood pressure.  Also use Omega III to help thin blood.

Kevin Gutzman - Author

Speaking on the background of the practice of nullification.  This goes back to the foundation of the federal government.  States did not want a federal government with unlimited power.  Thus our Constitution was written to specifically limit the power and authority of the federal government. Nine states, at least, said the new government would only have a few powers. States were told they could withdraw if the fed did not stay within its authority.

VA Gov Randolph said the government would have ONLY the powers that were granted to it. 

The Alien and Sedition act made it a law to critize the President or anyone else in government look bad except for VP Thomas Jefferson.  A man was imprisoned for "wishing a cannonball would hit President Adams in his 'big fat arse".  He was imprisoned for 10 years as were ten other newspaper people.

Following Gov Randolph's understanding of the founding of the Constitution, nullification and interposition was used to correct this unconstitutional action. Jefferson said nullification was the proper rememdy.

William and Mary Quarterly in 1948 said, that Madison didn't really believe that states could nullify federal law. This artical was prefaced with a three page introduction that showed favortism towards President Truman in a debate.  This shold discredit this article which is often used to counter nullification arguements.

To nullify a federal law means to declare it null, void and of no effect.

The election of 1800 ratified the VA and KY acts and sent Adams into retirement.  Jefferson stated in his address of 1801 confirmed this principle of nullification.

No monument to John Adams in Washington DC.

Thomas Woods - Author

Discussing new book on Nullification.

His goal was to be able to explain nullification to his seven year old daughter.

When the government tries to do something not on the list of what it can do, we tell them they can't.  She got it completely.

Perhaps the Supreme Court should be made up of 7 year olds. talked about "the normalization of nullification."   Not a positive article by the way.

New York Law School is offering a course called "Constitution history, supremacy or nullification".

Main stream media tends to believe in federal supremacy over nullification.

States created the federal government.  Therefore the states have ultimate authority.  The peoples of the states are sovereign, not the states and not the federal government.  Therefore the people must have the authority to intercede in an over reaching authority.  You don't ask your agent what authority you have given them, you ask yourself.

"Rollback" is Woods' newest book.  It talks about peeling back the government to its original powers.

People often ask, where would we be without the federal government?

Science - science works better when it is not government backed. Japan has the most advanced science research in the world.  No government involvement.

Arts - Art existed long before the government created the NEA.  Voluntary support for the arts excedes federal spending many times over.

Foreign aid - Foreign aid tends to make matters worse.  "I would support foreign aid only if I hated the human race." Philanthropy is much better to provide support.  Even under the current tax burden, Americans give twice as much to private groups as all foreign aid put together.

Federal Reserve System...   don't even go there....  Take away the money printing machine from the federal government.  If the Fed is doing nothing to fear from an audit.

Poverty - government has almost no track record of helping in the percentage of people living in poverty.  Poverty decreased on its own until the big "war on poverty" of the late 1960s.

It is beneath the dignity of a free people for us to go on believing the lies we are taught by the government.

Our Pledges:

We must share in common the conviction that we don't care what the left says about us.

If they do speak ill of us, we will laugh it off.  Watch  over 90K views so far.

I will not be scammed by some politico who just happens to give a pretty speech.

Nothing of substance will change if we go to all the trouble to get rid of Obama and replace him with Mit Romney.

We are all tired of reacting to them.  We will start doing things and make them react to us!  That is Change You Can Believe In!




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