Gun Control Bill Rejects Extreme Demands, But “Red Flag” Laws Raise Constitutional Concerns

I made the following statement after voting against the Senate gun control bill that raises Constitutional concerns.

To be fair, this bill does include some ideas I support including more mental health funding to help prevent mass shootings, resources to make our schools safer, and harsher criminal penalties on “straw purchasers” who buy guns for criminals. It also rejects extreme gun control laws demanded by Democrats that fail to reduce violence and mass shootings in many states, like unnecessary background checks, dangerously longer wait periods, and bans on common sporting rifles and magazines.  

Regrettably, I can't support provisions in this bill that prove unconstitutional and ineffective like incentivizing more red flag laws. Out of the eight deadliest cities in America, seven are located in ‘model gun control’ states—many with red flags laws that fail to reduce violence or protect due process for individuals.

As we work toward effective solutions—recognizing that rising violent crime is epidemic across America’s communities these days—it’s vital to fully protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens to whom self-defense is a matter of life and death.


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