The Fight is Real CD21 - Chip Roy, Conservative v Joseph Kopser, Liberal

The time is almost here, November 6, 2018….where we separate the conservatives from the liberals.  Seems easy enough but not when the liberal side continually deceives the voters about who they truly are.  Chip Roy is the Republican nominee for Congressional District 21 and Joseph Kopser is the Democrat nominee.  Kopser likes to keep his party affiliation a secret.   

Chip Roy is a genuine conservative working to keep our conservative values that we cherish from being eradicated by the radical Left.  Roy has served in top leadership positions for Texas elected officials, including as the First Assistant Attorney General of Texas under Ken Paxton.  Before that he was Chief of Staff to US Senator Ted Cruz and a senior advisor to former Texas Governor Rick Perry.  

If you have had the opportunity to listen to Roy speak then you know he stands for the First Amendment, Second Amendment and our Constitution.   He spoke loud and clear on the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh while Kopser on his twitter feed believed the ‘survivor’.   Roy believes in a secure border, would like to end Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood, and make the Trump tax cuts permanent.  He is painfully aware that the spending in Washington DC needs to stop and as member of the House he will vote for a Balanced Budget.

Kopser is telling the voters that he will work on both sides of the aisle, yet he is definitely against the Wall.  In his words, “The proposition of a border wall is ridiculous.”  On the subject of Life, he stands with Planned Parenthood.  “I fully believe, affirm, and support a women’s right to choose.”   

He is not a 2nd Amendment candidate because he wants to run a “cash for guns” program. 

Furthermore, Kopser would like nothing better than to hike taxes on the corporations that have the ability to create jobs for the American people.  If you worked hard all your life to achieve financial success, beware.  If he is elected, he will vote to make sure your heirs will not receive your wealth because he believes in ‘equality’.  Sounds like socialism to me. 

Roy’s opponent, Kopser, is like the Spider telling the Fly, “Come into my parlor.”  Remember what happened to the Fly?  He was deceived and gave in to the Spider’s wooing and flattery and was never seen again.

Let’s fight for our Freedom this November and support Chip Roy CD21 and Keep Texas RED!



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