Abby Johnson's Story – Unplanned the Movie

Abby Johnson has come a long way, from Planned Parenthood volunteer to Planned Parenthood clinic director and finally as a prolife activist. She is almost an icon in the prolife movement.   

Johnson wrote a book Unplanned in 2010 detailing her story and now the movie Unplanned which is presently showing in approximately 1,700 theaters is out with an R rating.  Opening weekend, March 29, 2019, the ticket sales were $6.1 million and came in fourth to the other movies playing.  In short it was a grand success in spite of the fact that because of the R rating it was almost impossible to run ads on most of the major cable networks.

While attending Texas A&M she became a Planned Parenthood volunteer interested in ‘helping’ women in crisis.  Later as a Planned Parenthood employee she moved quickly to the top.  Her enthusiasm to help the women going to the Planned Parenthood facility and her obvious dedication to PP enabled her to be promoted to the director of the clinic in Bryan, Texas.  She became the youngest director in the country.  She worked for PP for eight years before realizing she was helping women ‘kill’ their unborn babies.  This ‘epiphany’ came to her when she actually helped with a ‘procedure’ by holding the probe on the mother’s belly while the Doctor preformed an ultrasound guided abortion.   To actually see a baby sucked out of the mother’s womb had a devastating effect on her.  She knew at once she never wanted to help ‘kill’ another unborn.  Abby in all the time she worked for PP had never seen an abortion taking place.  As a member of the audience, I had to close my eyes to such an atrocity. 

Take tissues because the movie will bring you to tears.  It is an emotional ride.  It is a story of forgiveness and redemption.  Interesting enough, the movie takes you to the small crevices in your mind, if you have ever contemplated an abortion, if you ever had an abortion, if someone you love has ever had an abortion and lastly, do you do enough to stop the slaughter of the unborn.    

My first encounter with Abby was at a fundraiser dinner in 2010. She was the keynote speaker and her speech was haunting.  This was my first awareness of how the unborn babies are ‘killed’.  Abby proceeded to describe the blow by blow experience in the Planned Parenthood ‘procedure’ room where the abortions took place.  Her story in the movie hasn’t changed from the first time I heard her describe it.  It was horrifying then and it was horrifying watching it on such a wide screen.  I cried again.  It was disappointing that there weren’t any young women in the theater watching this ‘procedure’ at our showing. 

The third time I saw Abby was at another fundraiser dinner in 2013 where she told her story to over a thousand people.  She also brought her Unplanned books to sell.  I bought one and she signed it, “Sonja, for all life, Abby Johnson Psalm 30 4/26 13”.  If you do not attend the movie please, read her book and gift it to a young woman so she can be aware of what PP does in secrecy. 


Psalm 30 is divided into IV parts.  I will list I and IV


I praise you Lord, for you raised me up and did not let my enemies rejoice over me.  

O Lord, my God, I cried out to you and you healed me.

Lord, you brought me up from Sheol; you kept me from going down to the pit.



You changed my mourning into dancing; you took off my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness.  

With my whole being I sing endless praise to you.

O Lord, my God, forever will I give you thanks.

Part of Abby’s story is the pain she experienced in having not one but two abortions.  These were hidden from her parents because she knew in her heart they would not have approved of her decisions.  Her parents and husband remained supportive of her career and prayed for her conversion. At the time of this book signing she was pregnant and according to the movie Abby and her devoted husband Doug now have eight children. 

It amazes me how God in his infinite mercy will deliver his people.  Abby is probably the right person to speak about her experiences as a PP director and to bring what happens behind closed doors to the light. 

It is difficult to understand how an educated person like Abby, with prolife parents and a prolife husband, managed to lead so many women into the wilderness, an estimated 27,000 lives lost. Abby in her story addresses these questions. “Were you really so gullible?” “Were you really so inconsistent between your values and your actions?” “Were you really so ambivalent, so naïve, so foolish…?’  My answer:  “Yes.”

The movie Unplanned is a powerful illustration of the horrors of abortion and the diabolical goals and methods of Planned Parenthood.  In my opinion, this movie should be required viewing by all teens especially those that may already be at risk because they are sexually active. Planned Parenthood is unabashedly at our schools indoctrinating all students at every level.  The movie is real and many teens go through abortion not knowing the risks and what it entails. 

It would be remiss of me not to mention the excellent portrayal of Abby by actress Ashley Bratcher.  She did a remarkable job in bringing the brutal truth to the public.   

The actress who plays Abby has her own story to tell. As excited as she was to tell her mom about her role, she knew her own mother had had an abortion so she was extremely careful how she approached her in telling her about her role as Abby.  In her excitement, telling her mom about the movie, her mom began to cry.  She told Ashley that she had been on the abortion table thinking about having a second abortion but changed her mind.  The child she did not abort was Ashley, instead she chose to have her.  Ashley felt overwhelmed, but not with anger but overwhelmed in the presence of God. “It was confirmation for me that God had really chosen me and empowered me for this role.  It really gave me confidence to move forward to lean into Him and to know that He was right here beside me and helping me through this entire process.”

In the movie, the high dollar donors were revealed, George Soros, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, there are others.  2ND VOTE lists many groups, organizations and businesses that donate to PP.  Take the time to see who is on this list.

I urge everyone to see this movie as it is an important tool to use in ending abortion.









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