Do You Think a Convention of the States is a Good Idea? Mark Meckler and Think So

My long-time Eagle Forum friend, Orlean Koehle, wrote this enlightening article about the Leftists and Leftist organizations that are pushing for a Convention of the States.

If pro-convention, well-meaning but misguided, conservatives will just open their minds to the true facts about a Convention of the States instead of believing that a Convention is our ‘last best hope’, then we can join hands once again in our fight to preserve our original constitution and steer away from appointed delegates to a convention in which no known rules or agenda are provided in Article V.

The COS call for a Balanced Budget Amendment would give the SCOTUS control over taxing and spending in the event of a congressional inability to reach agreement and would violate the separation of powers policy. A BBA would only give constitutional cover for the big spenders to raise taxes and would do nothing to curb excessive spending.

The following article by my long-time Eagle Forum friend Orlean Koehle, should be an eye-opener to those who would like to think for themselves instead of simply following the big-name conservatives Behind COS Project.

Orlean Koehle has been the State President of Eagle Forum of California since 2002. She is a wife, mother of six, grandmother of 8, former teacher, now author of 12 books.

Please click here to read Orlean Koehle's article. 

Meckler Finds Common Ground with Strange Bedfellows by Orlean Koehle, author of America Needs Revival, Not Revision, Dangers and Threats of an Article V Convention


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