Democrats Must End Foot-Dragging on Nominations

Today on the Senate floor, I urged my Democratic colleagues to stop the endless obstruction of Presidential nominations. 

Because of unprecedented delay and obstruction from our Democratic colleagues, at the current pace, it would take more than 11 years – 11 years – to fully staff the executive branch.

Most of these nominees have sailed through the relevant committees, and some were even nominated by President Obama.

I can only be left to conclude that our Democratic friends are just trying to make it more difficult for President Trump to do his job, and in the process, make it harder for us in the Senate to do ours.

This week, we will press forward with two important nominations, John Bush to be United States Circuit Judge for the Sixth Circuit and David Bernhardt to be Deputy Secretary of the Interior. These are two additional highly-qualified individuals who are seriously needed in their respective roles, but it shouldn't take a whole week to confirm three nominees.

I would urge our colleagues to end their political gamesmanship for the benefit of our country and for the American people, so we can move forward doing the people's business.




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