Crazy Spending In Washington And Harris County, TX Needs To Be Stopped

The split Senate voted via tiebreaker to pass the 755 page deceptively named "Inflation Reduction Act." Let's be clear, the description is an absolute lie. This bill is the "Build Back Better" spending bill Part Two, slightly downsized.

It won't fight inflation because the bill has a massive expansion of Federal government spending. The non-partisan Committee for a Responsible Budget reports around $385 billion in new spending on alternative energy and so-called climate change, $100 billion on healthcare, $80 billion to increase the IRS, doubling it in size (so it can conduct audits, among other things), and $2.2 billion for farmers who experienced discrimination!

Other lies, Biden says no one making under $400,000 will have their taxes raised. A review by the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation reveals "more than half of the tax increases (will fall) on Americans making less than $400,000 per year." Of course, the higher business taxes will be passed on to employees and consumers. Oh, and the effect on inflation will increase it as the so-called "promised" revenue to the Federal government won't show up and we end up with increased deficit spending.

Texas Conservative Review has one question, where was so called "moderate, pro-oil and gas" Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher? She voted yes, just like she does over 95% of the time, embracing the leftist Speaker Pelosi agenda.

And Harris County Democrat Commissioners are just like their Washington colleagues. Over the last three years plus - Lina Hidalgo, Adrian Garcia and Rodney Ellis have been on a spending tear unseen in the history of Harris County. The numbers on spending on non-core programs, new bureaucrats and consultants is breathtaking. They emptied the rainy-day fund, they have squeezed law enforcement, neglected jail capacity, attempted to raise taxes last year on top of the appraisal tax increase and while their colleagues in Dallas County voted to cut taxes, they instead want more money to spend now. They want $1.2 billion in a new bond issue for areas they have neglected due to their wasteful spending. We even still have unspent money from the 2015 bond issue.

What they don't tell you, the truth, is if we pass any bond issue, your taxes will go up to pay for it.

Based on their reckless track record, just say no.

In November, you have a chance to send two of them - Hidalgo and Garcia, packing. The alternatives - Alexandra del Moral Mealer (County Judge) and Jack Morman (Commissioner) are both for controlling spending and supporting law enforcement to reduce our out-of-control crime epidemic. There is nothing Hidalgo and Garcia have done to deserve re-election. Just ask yourself, is Harris County better off today than we were four years ago? Are you safer? Are your taxes lower? Has our infrastructure improved? The answer to all these questions is no.


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