Cornyn: Impeachment Jeopardizes Bipartisan Action on Drug Pricing, Trade

Today on the floor, I discussed House Democrats’ secretive handling of impeachment proceedings. Excerpts of my floor remarks are below, and video can be found here.

We got secret hearings, secret witnesses, secret interviews, and secret meetings.

That's not fair to the… 65 million people who voted for President Trump to try to negate an election through this sort of inappropriate process.

When it comes to impeachment, arguably one of the most serious responsibilities under our constitution for Congress, House Democrats have simply drawn the cloak of secrecy around their investigation.

I have no doubt that if the facts were on their side, they would allow this process to be in the open.

And if the facts were on their side, they would then hold a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives authorizing this impeachment inquiry, which has been done each time in the past.

What they want to do is undo the 2016 election, but you know, they should at least have the courage to do it out in the open.

There are a lot of important things we can and should be doing here in Washington

We've had many productive hearings and efforts on such important items as trying to reduce mass violence, something that we're all concerned about; how do we bring down costs and increase choice when it comes to our health care system; how do we improve trade so that the things that we grow and make this America we can sell to markets around the world?

House Democrats are full steam ahead on impeachment, which will make it virtually impossible for us to pass productive, bipartisan legislation.

Democrats should work with us to pass bipartisan legislation that will actually make our country better off rather than pursuing this purely political agenda of impeachment.


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