Cornyn Addresses Coronavirus Outbreak, Administration’s Funding Request

I said the following about the Coronavirus outbreak yesterday on a call with Texas reporters. You can download audio here.

Last week I had a meeting with [San Antonio] leadership, the Mayor, and a couple of City Councilpersons, along with the U.S. Public Health Service and Department of Defense, about the evacuees.

We know that the Mayor and the City Councilpersons were expressing concerns to me that local health care facilities were not really adequate, given the need for specialized treatment and isolation for what could be a worst case scenario. I know the President is going to speak on this again tonight. We're in the process of considering a budget emergency request for as much as $8 billion in additional money to be spending on this outbreak.

We're going to continue to keep working with our local officials as well as the federal officials to make sure that Texans are kept safe.

It's clear that the Administration thinks that there's more we need to do because they've requested several billion of additional funding to make sure that we develop a vaccine and that we make sure we see this to an end. So I think we'll hear more from the President tonight.

I do believe Health and Human Services and the Administration generally, along with the state and local partners, are doing a good job containing it so far.


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