Bipartisan Bill Holds NSA Accountable

America’s intelligence community has a responsibility not only to protect our national security but also to respect our civil liberties. Following September 11, Congress gave the intelligence community additional authority to help track down and stop foreign terrorists intending to harm Americans. Over a decade later, we are still engaged in a global fight with radical Islamic terrorist organizations. To keep America safe, we must use every tool available to us.

But that does not mean that our civil liberties should be ignored in the name of national security. We need increased accountability to ensure that our civil liberties are protected and our nation is secured.

That’s why I introduced bipartisan legislation to increase oversight of the National Security Agency. The NSA Internal Watchdog Act (H.R. 4533) enhances the role of the NSA Inspector General and guarantees there is an independent and powerful watchdog that will ensure the activities of the intelligence community are both lawful and Constitutional.


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