Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Section 702 and Spying by NSA

The NSA is using a loophole in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to spy on Americans without a warrant. Under section 702 of FISA, government agents may seize information from databases on suspected foreign terrorists.

While seizing the information on these terrorists, NSA also seizes data on Americans without a warrant, data that includes emails, texts, and voice communication. This is an unlawful interpretation of FISA.

It was never the intent of Congress that section 702 would be used to create databases of information that would later be searched for information on American citizens without a search warrant and without that individual’s knowledge. I have introduced legislation that would prohibit warrantless searches of government databases for information that pertains to U.S. citizens.

The NSA has and will continue to violate the constitutional protections guaranteed to every American unless Congress acts. Until we fix this and make the law clear, citizens will never be sure or safe that their private conversations are secure from the eyes and spies of government.

The Bill of Rights cannot be trampled upon in the name of national security, whether the NSA likes it or not.

And that is just the way it is.


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