2020 Election: It's Not Over Yet, But Clearly Our Nation Is Closely Divided

Nationally, the Trump-Biden race is almost 50-50 in the popular vote. There are still questions on voter fraud in Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and other states, mostly fueled by voting by mail. To overcome where we are at, the Trump team needs evidence a court of law would accept.

Let's be clear, Joe Biden has no mandate, what did he run on? Covid-19, He will do better and that he was more Presidential-like than Trump. Overall, the GOP gained House seats, maybe as many as twelve! The GOP looks like it will hold the Senate after dealing with the avalanche of Democratic money spent in key races, like north of $100 million spent against Lindsey Graham in South Carolina, and so many others.

Obviously, if there are two runoffs for the Georgia Senate they are critical, Senators Perdue and Loeffler both need our help. Their opponents are uber-leftists and one is a friend of anti-Semitic preacher Jeremiah Wright. We must win the runoffs! Send whatever you can at winred.com.


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