Supreme Court Justice Targeted For Assassination And Coverage In New York Times And Others Buried

The Sunday talk shows on CNN, CBS, NBC and ABC gave zero coverage to the assassination attempt of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. This is outrageous. The leftist media coverage is terrible and biased. If a liberal Justice had been targeted, you can bet the coverage would be Page 1 above the fold. The New York Times put it on page 20!

The ignoring of violence from the media when attacks are on conservatives fans the flames of resentment that our system is not fair to everyone. The idea we have a different justice system depending on your political party is destructive in many ways to our democracy.

Why are inciters like Democratic Majority leader Chuck Schumer not called out, censored, or charged for their conduct?

Why has Nancy Pelosi held up a bill to protect federal judges? Finally passing weeks after the Senate acted 100-0?

It is almost like they are encouraging anarchy.


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