Standing With Our Ally Israel in the Face of Evil

This week, the world watched in horror as Iran-backed Hamas terrorists carried out a heinous terrorist attack against Israel. Our hearts are heavy seeing the abhorrent crimes committed against innocent people, including children and the elderly, as thousands have been brutally murdered or injured. 

We are witnessing evil in its truest form. This week, I introduced a bipartisan resolution standing with Israel as it defends itself against these barbaric attacks and condemning the despicable violence from Hamas. With over 420 cosponsors — a number almost unheard of in Congress — it’s clear Congress and the American people stand firmly united with our ally Israel.

To hear more on my resolution, click on the image.

I also joined House Homeland Security Committee Republicans in sending a letter to the Biden administration expressing our deep concern over their actions and inactions on Iran, which was involved in both plotting and approving the attacks on Israel.

Recent actions taken by the Biden administration have left me deeply concerned, especially their release of $6 billion in frozen funds as part of a prisoner exchange to the Iranian regime — the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

The Biden administration says it stands with Israel. It's time for the administration to put action behind those words by taking a stronger stance with Iran.


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