Senator Cornyn Offers Path Forward for Anti-Trafficking Bill

In remarks on the Senate floor today, I asked Democrats to work with Republicans to pass a bill to help victims of human trafficking.

I'm determined to keep our focus on the victims of human trafficking: the people this would help rescue and help heal and get on with their lives.

I, for one, am more interested in getting to a solution than I am engaging in this partisan point scoring, and I believe there are a sufficient number of members of the United States Senate who are sick and tired of this dysfunction and who don't want to be distracted by the politics but want to focus on how do we help those 100,000 victims of human sex trafficking that are estimated to exist on an annual basis.

Now that we've made a proposal to them to give them what they've asked for and still preserve the 39-year limitation on the use of public dollars for abortion, can they take ‘Yes’ for an answer?


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