ISIS Murders Christian Girl

ISIS terrorists came to the house of a Christian family in Iraq to collect the religious tax imposed on all non-Muslims. ISIS told the mother of the home: You have two choices. You are to leave now or you are to pay the tax.

The mother pled: I will pay, but give me a few seconds because my daughter is in the shower. But the ISIS terrorists did not wait.

Instead, they set fire to the house. The mother, clutching a small child, escaped. But the girl was trapped in the burning home.

Later, she was found. She had such severe burns, she died in her mother’s arms. The last thing she said to her mother was: Forgive them.

The girl is a better person than most of us. From beheading to burning little Christian girls alive, ISIS’ evil genocide knows no bounds.

ISIS murders in the name of religious jihad. Will we allow this evil to continue?

Or shall all religions unite and hold ISIS accountable? We must stop ISIS’ malicious murder of the innocent.

Justice demands it. And, justice is what we are supposed to do.

And that is just the way it is.


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