Honoring the Victims and Heroes of September 11th: A Fresh Look

Twelve years ago today, Americans awoke to the news of the formerly unthinkable, a terrorist attack on our soil with massive casualties. Nearly 3,000 Americans perished in attacks orchestrated by Islamic jihadists, part of the decades-long war they had been fighting against America, unacknowledged by us.

Today we also sadly commemorate the one-year anniversary of the attack on American diplomats in Benghazi in which U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others were killed by jihadists.

Honoring the memories of those who perished, the incredible bravery of the first responders, and the families who lost precious loved ones, requires two things:

(1) Acknowledging the truth about who attacked us and why, and (2) Vigilantly protecting against any possible future incidents. If we cannot do # 1 correctly, we will never be able to do #2.

Acknowledging the truth about why the September 11 attacks happened is simple: Muslim jihadists, committed to the international caliphate, the world domination of Islam, fanatically believe they have the right and duty to kill “infidels.” They deplore America, as the chronological and detailed list of attacks by radical Islamists on American interests here, proves.

On a deeper level, acknowledging this truth requires admitting that the world is in the midst of a massive struggle between the forces of westernized Judeo-Christian based liberty, rule of law and respect for individual rights, and the dark and repressive forces of freedom-crushing, sharia-law brutality imposing, individual rights smothering, jihadist Islam.

Each of us, including me, knows one or more American Muslims who are non-violent and who deplore the conduct of the jihadists. They are not the enemy.

The enemy of America is radicalized Islam, in the form of individual jihadists and jihadist organizations around the globe, and the front organizations in America and elsewhere that support and protect them. But the enemy’s facilitators also include those whose political correctness causes them to be unable to admit the enemy’s identity, and therefore unable to correctly assign blame for evil.

So where do we find ourselves today, twelve years after the attacks of September 11th?

  • Our President and his administration still label the November 5th, 2009 murder of 13 people and wounding of 30 others at the US Army Ft. Hood base by self-proclaimed Muslim jihadist Nidal Malik Hasan, “workplace violence.”
  • We have an administration on whose watch the FBI removed all references linking the Muslim Brotherhood to terrorism, or the profiling of individuals of Middle Eastern appearance, from its terrorism training manual. The explanation for these deletions was that the references were “unsuitable in the current political context.” Hard to know how much these irrational policy changes contributed to the FBI’s failure to prevent the Boston Marathon bombing by Muslim extremists who had come to the attention of the FBI before the attack.
  • The vicious Benghazi attack was ascribed at first to an allegedly offensive American video, a fabrication trotted out by Democrats determined to distract the public from the truth. Fortunately, Americans quickly dismissed this deliberate falsehood.
  • Then Secretary of State Hillary “what-difference-does-it-make” Clinton cavalierly dismissed the importance of finding out what happened, a tactic most surely viewed by our jihadist enemies as both strange and helpful.
  • The ongoing obstruction by today’s Democrats of an investigation into what happened and why no military help was offered to our Benghazi diplomats must also warm the hearts of Muslim extremists everywhere, as well as provide cover for those in America whose blind loyalty to political correctness overrides loyalty to America, her greatness and her safety.
  • Repeated reports that America’s southern border is porous and crossed daily by those who mean America harm, including Islamists, fail to inspire the government to muster the political will and to spend the money needed to secure the border. A top priority of every sovereign nation must be to protect its borders.
  • Republican Senator John McCain actually defended Syrian rebels who yell “Allahu Akbar” when bombing buildings (or shooting unarmed Ft. Hood soldiers), by claiming that phrase is just like saying “Thank God!” On the contrary, it is a statement of supremacy of Allah and Islam over Christianity. By the way, these are the same rebels who on video cut out and eat their enemies’ hearts and livers, behead priests, and demand citizens convert to Islam or face instant death.

Today’s Two Million Bikers to DC march, which is honoring the fallen on 9/11 is reportedly far outnumbering the “Million Muslim March,” a signal that even if politicians cannot figure out the situation, two million bikers can.

We cannot impose Western liberty everywhere, and we should not attempt to do so. But we can send a stronger signal that we will fight the spread of and damage done by radical Islam, and punish those who attack us, by (1) identifying clearly who our enemy is, so we end false labeling such as in the Ft. Hood incident, (2) securing our border, (3) forcing investigation of Benghazi and tracking down those responsible for punishment, and (4) vigilantly monitoring the presence of Islamic extremists and their supporting organizations, on American soil—and if necessary, deporting them. These steps are practical and responsible, and would protect non-violent Muslims in America just as much as anyone else.

Honoring of the memory of the victims of both 9/11 attacks requires American leadership that will do all of those things.



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