Runaway Energy Prices, Fix Is Simple, So Why Are Democrats In Contortions?

With current oil prices per barrel at $112.12 and the Texas average gas price per gallon was $4, up $1.45 since the same day last year, we have an energy problem created by President Biden.

Increases in energy will also affect food and utility costs, among other things. Of course, it will help fuel inflation, now running at over 15%.

So this past week the Washington Democratic leaders are floating every idea, except opening up fossil fuel production in the U.S. This is because Democrats worship at the altar of climate change. Some of these dumb ideas:

  1. A gas tax holiday, which defunds the recent infrastructure legislation.
  2. A "windfall profits" tax on the oil industry. That will encourage more production.
  3. Sending Americans a direct check to help offset higher prices. More "free stuff" to drive the U.S. deficit, now at $30+ trillion and counting. Note that we are number one by far.
  4. Cancel oil companies' federal leases unless they are actually drilling. Many of those leases are not viable at this time. How does this help?

All stupid ideas, all to avoid the real option, set aside the radical climate change agenda by loosening regulatory and environmental restrictions on oil and gas drilling. And finish the Keystone TC pipeline.


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