Sick of Donald Trump? Here are Six Reasons to Vote for Him Anyway

This is not a plea intended for anyone with MAGA gear! I feel pretty confident those folks have revealed their voting preferences. Instead, this is a plea to someone who cannot stand Donald Trump and has decided he is not worth their vote. I am asking them to hold their nose and VOTE FOR HIM ANYWAY. 

I consider myself among this group. Trump would not be my first pick in the presidential draft. But, he would not be my last pick either. I believe there are worse options. We confront one now.

So, I am offering six reasons you should vote for Trump in spite of your inclination to sit this one out or even vote for the other guy. I hope you find at least one appealing enough to change your mind.

Reason #1 - Policy matters more than personality.

The character of the man or woman we elect president is important but the policies they support and enact as president are just as important and in the case of this particular election, more important. This is an acknowledgement that government is too much with us. It has far too much control over our lives, businesses, and culture. The Founders' wisdom that the best government is the government that governs least has been lost. Trump's policies give us the best chance to recover some of that wisdom. 

To illustrate this point, we need only look at the policy outcomes in the cities and states that have been under Democratic governance for the last decade. Look at the current situations in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Detroit, San Francisco, and New York City. Are these cities you would consider moving to with your family to seek work and make a living? Consider a state like California. There is a reason the cost of a U-Haul truck moving away from California is four times higher than the cost of one moving to California.

People are voting with their feet and moving away from these Democrat-run cities.  They are fleeing the consequences of the policies enacted by their Democratic governors and mayors, most of whom have sterling characters and avoid tweeting like crack monkeys. So too, these policies enacted on a national level within the federal government will have severe consequences. It is fine for California to embrace policies that impact California. But, at the federal level, those policies will impact all of us. Trump, whatever else he is, has stood as a brake against those policies and in many cases has erected walls against them--the appointment of strong conservative judges to the federal judiciary being one example.

Everyday Democrats show us how they govern and run their states and cities. Not one is a model to follow. Trump will let Texas be Texas. That is good enough for me.

Reason #2 -The Green New Deal.

Since its disastrous rollout, the Green New Deal has failed to gain any popularity or support from the American people. Yet, this has not deterred the Democrats. Biden, despite his protestations to the contrary, supports the Green New Deal. It literally says so on his website. The Green New Deal trades economic prosperity NOW, meaning real jobs occupied by real people, for speculative emission reductions at some future date, all in an effort to stop the climate from changing. Never mind that China releases twice the carbon emissions as the US. Never mind that the United States is already leading the world in reducing carbon emissions. 

By any measure, the Green New Deal will have a limited impact on carbon emissions at best. The Green New Deal is really about converting our economy into a command and control economy with a massive unelected bureaucracy responsible for planning every detail. This has been tried over and over again with disastrous results everywhere it is tried. Yet, that never seems to deter the Democrats who are always just on the cusp of perfecting Communism, Socialism, uh, I mean, Progressivism. No amount of failure convinces them to change course.

And do not tell yourself that Democrats will lack the votes to pass this as legislation even if Biden wins. Much of the Green New Deal will require no legislation. It will simply become US regulatory policy by executive and administrative action. Avoiding this outcome is worth a thousand stupid tweets.

Reason #3 -Democrats have become the abortion extremists.

Maybe abortion as an issue is irrelevant to you and you are OK with Roe v. Wade. Polling shows that most Americans are more pro-life the closer the baby gets to being born. For better or for worse, Americans views on abortion are a grayscale rather than black and white. If only the Democrats were simply content with the regulatory scheme laid out by Roe v. Wade. The still-controversial opinion allows that states would be justified in restricting abortion during the second and third trimesters, but Democrats have long since jettisoned that bit of rational restraint. 

The only doctrine allowed in the National Democratic Party is one that enshrines the right to abort right up until the moment of birth and even after delivery as the Governor of Virginia articulated so clearly a few years ago. Never mind the science (isn't this the party of SCIENCE?) that demonstrates that unborn "fetuses" feel pain and graphic videos showing these "fetuses" trying escape and fight for their own lives. Democrats have moved from their Clinton-era mantra of abortion as "safe legal and rare" to one of absolute license - "anytime, anywhere." Trump has made a solid stand against this extremism and most Americans agree. Meanwhile, a vote for Biden is a vote for tax-payer funded abortion on demand. I just can't live with that. 

Reason #4 -Three letters: B.L.M. 

But enough about abortion, let's get really controversial. By B.L.M., I am referring to the proudly Marxist organization with very clear goals (again, see their website at least until they scrubbed it) of overthrowing capitalism, the nuclear family, and anything they deem to be the "vestiges of white supremacy." We all used to agree that white supremacy was something that described Nazis, David Duke, and the KKK. Now, they want it to mean the Fourth of July, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the SAT. BLM did not arise as a response to Donald Trump. BLM was established during the Obama Administration after the tragic deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, killings that were both closely investigated by Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder and both found to have been committed in self-defense. This is a conclusion that BLM has never accepted.

There are many reasonable arguments we can have about law enforcement and whether we have too much law enforcement. But, we cannot reason together if we cannot share the truth with each other. Crime and murder rates in the United States have been at an all-time low prior to 2020. Every race and socio-economic group benefits from low crime rates. To be sure, there are circumstances where our law enforcement practices may need reform or changes. But, BLM is not interested in having a truth-based discussion. 

The BLM movement is based on three lies: (1) that there is an "epidemic" of unjustified police shootings against black men across the country, (2) that police forces are guilty of "systemic racism" and must be defunded or otherwise rendered inept to establish "justice,” and (3) until such time as this "reform" occurs, looting and riots are justifiable expressions of protest against this systemic racism. None of these things are true, but to deny them is to risk being called a "racist."

BLM has weaponized these lies into a narrative it applies without justification to nearly every deadly shooting involving police and black men regardless of the individual circumstances of each case. BLM has had amazing success capturing nearly every entertainment, educational, and media institution in the US. It has collected millions of dollars from major corporate retailers, tech companies, every major sports league, Hollywood elites, and the Democratic Party. BLM has raised this money all the while burning buildings, creating sustained havoc and riots in major American cities, and getting the same city councils of those burning cities to defund police departments. Arguably BLM's greatest success has been the mass demoralization of our police departments as shown by the high rates of retirement among police officers. You don't have to defund the police if you can convince them to quit due to a lack of support. Just ask Seattle's former police chief.

We will all reap the whirlwind for this, but Trump has consistently stood against BLM and in support for our first responders and police officers. It is not surprising that a massive number of police unions (including in Democrat strongholds in Chicago and New York) have endorsed Trump for President. These ARE UNIONS. They recognize that Trump has their back in a way that Joe Biden and the Democrats simply do not. They know that Joe Biden and the Democrats have fully embraced the BLM lies and it will lead them to policies that will only put more blacks lives at risk (along with the lives of every other race). The Democratic embrace of the BLM movement demonstrates that there will be real costs to putting the Democrats in charge of our executive branch. BLM will not simply disappear should the Democrats win. BLM will effectively run our executive branch of government. 

Reason #5 - America's enemies are weaker today than four years ago.

Remember when foreign policy was a big issue in presidential elections? Why have we had two and a half presidential debates and one vice presidential debate without any meaningful discussion of foreign policy? Because Trump's record on foreign policy has been a remarkable success.

Consider the threat of Iran four years ago and Iran's threat today. There is no clearer contrast between the foreign policies of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The Obama Administration literally sent pallets of cash to the Iranian regime in the back of an airplane. They negotiated a nuclear deal that insured Iran would be free to develop their nuclear program unhindered. What did they receive for these efforts? Iran supporting terror across the world and most especially in Iraq, Syria, and anywhere else they deemed worthy. 

Where is Iran today? They are humiliated and struggling under strict economic sanctions. The architects of their terror activities have been vaporized by American missiles. Meanwhile, Israel and former Arab enemies are making peace agreements. None of this was predicted or expected. Indeed, we were told we would get the opposite. The world is more peaceful than it was four years ago. Why is this so? American deterrence has been reestablished in the Middle East, and we have to give credit where it is due.

Joe Biden and a democratic administration will undo that deterrence. 

Reason #6 - Hunter Biden's laptop matters, but not for the reasons you think.

We don't know the full implications of the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop, but what we know now should scare you. Let me say this: it is irrelevant to my point what is actually on Hunter Biden's laptop. Sure, incontrovertible evidence of Biden family corruption may be forth coming. We will see. The point of Hunter Biden's laptop is instead how the media responded to the discovery of Hunter Biden's laptop.

The idea of our mainstream media acting as an impartial referee between two prize fighters was probably never true. But now they no longer pretend to be impartial. As cynical as we are about the media, the lockstep reaction and shutting down of what was obviously an explosive news story is jaw-dropping. This is compounded by an apparent de-facto partnership between major tech companies Facebook and Twitter that acted in unison to shut down forwarding and linking to a story published by a major American newspaper about a presidential candidate weeks before an election. Our media and the corporations running our biggest informational platforms think they should decide what information we should and should not see. That should give every American pause.

We are told that we should not see or read accounts of email on this laptop because it MIGHT be Russia disinformation. This is declared across the media spectrum with zero evidence or support even after it has been confirmed by other sources as real. Yet, every musing from any source that suggested Donald Trump might be a Russian "asset" was given wide distribution for the last four years. 

This is all revealing because it tells us that our media has no intention of fulfilling its role as a watchdog under a Biden Administration. They are simply not interested in press that would reflect poorly on Democrats. As I am reminded on Twitter, "the job of the press is to cover the important stories . . . with a pillow until they stop breathing." So, what else is new? Why is this a reason to vote for Trump?

Because the opposite is true when it comes to Trump. With Trump, the press sees itself as Javert from Les Miserables. So much so, that any sort of ham-handedness by Donald Trump (and there most likely will be something) will be guaranteed to become impeachment articles being passed out of the House. Thus, we will know everything Donald Trump does for better or for worse. Most of the time, he tells us on Twitter, much to our chagrin. I have no doubt if Donald Trump sniffs an impeachable offense, we will know about it within days if not hours. The same cannot be said about Joe Biden. I would consider that an important hedge for the reluctant Trump voter.

A record number of Texans have already voted. It is expected that a record number of Texans will vote on election day. Depending on what polls you believe, Texas may be a swing state. I know that you may find the obnoxious guy on the ballot distasteful. Join the club. But, don't let personality trump policy. If it did, Jimmy Carter would be on Mount Rushmore. 

So this Tuesday, with my eyes completely wide open, I will be voting for the man most likely to put the policies in place that are good for my children and my country: Donald J. Trump. 


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