GOP Leaders Celebrate New Trade Deal with Mexico and Canada

President Trump has said from the beginning that his tariffs were designed to get trading partners back to the table and to hammer out deals that benefits all parties.  One of the first areas of focus was with Canada and Mexico.  We are now seeing the fruit of that labor.

A trilateral agreement to update and modernize NAFTA for the 21st century can be a big win for America’s workers, farmers, and ranchers.  With today’s signing by the United States, Mexico, and Canada, we are carefully analyzing this text in the open and transparent process that Congress created under our new trade rules.

There is no doubt that President Trump has delivered on his promise to obtain many provisions that will increase our ability to sell more American goods and services.  But as I’ve said throughout the negotiations, for USMCA to gain widespread support, it must increase certainty as to the durability of the agreement, be fully enforceable to hold our trading partners accountable across all sectors, and increase – not diminish – our ability to sell into these markets.

I look forward to continuing to consult with the Trump Administration as we look closely at these important questions.


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