Cornyn Introduces Bill To Protect Taxpayers From IRS Targeting

I issued the following statement after introducing The Eliminating Improper & Abusive IRS Audits Act of 2014 to provide further accountability and greater taxpayer protection against IRS abuse:

As we approach the deadline for this tax season, Americans are more skeptical than ever of the IRS after the gross violations of public trust that have come to light over the past year.

Americans should never face persecution from their government for exercising their Constitutional rights. My bill will help ensure that no one is targeted by the IRS for their political or religious beliefs and will work to repair the serious breach of faith caused by the IRS’ actions.

Background on The Eliminating Improper & Abusive IRS Audits Act of 2014:

  • Provides social welfare organizations with the right to seek a declaratory judgment in federal court when the IRS fails to process their application within nine months or when the IRS has made an adverse determination.
  • Requires the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) to review and consult with the IRS on criteria it uses to select tax returns for audit, assessment, or any heightened scrutiny or review, to ensure that the criteria does not discriminate against taxpayers on the basis of race, religion, or political ideology.
  • Requires the IRS Commissioner to fire an employee who violates a taxpayer’s Constitutional rights, including their First Amendment rights.
  • Increases the penalty on rogue IRS agents who violate taxpayer privacy laws, commit extortion, fraud, or bribery.

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