The Continuing Crisis Brought To You By Biden-Harris

The recent weeks have brought more bad news in our continuing crisis.

Let’s review some highlights:

Record gas and diesel prices at the pump and in reaction, Biden-Harris canceled lease sales to the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.

Now the latest shortage, baby formula. We discovered that the government has stockpiled it to serve the illegal border invasion coming with the canceling of Title 42. It's no longer a border crisis, it's border chaos.

We discovered that the Biden administration lied to us again this time about those "safe smoking kits" distributed at your expense to drug addicts. They did have crack pipes.

Joe Biden last week said the MAGA movement is "the most extreme political organization that's existed in America's history." Not the KKK, not the Nation of Islam, not the Weathermen, not Antifa. Instead it is the 49% of Americans who voted for Donald Trump.

Senate Democrats except for Joe Manchin, supported the radical abortion until birth bill. The left's pro-abortion extremism is both stunning and sad. Note there is no discussion of President Clinton's view that abortion needs to be safe and rare. The radical Democrats, 49 of them, support repealing every state law on abortions. The potential Supreme Court decision leaves the decision to the fifty states, which is the essence of democracy.

Inflation rages - Biden says it is 8.3%, the more authoritative Shadow Statistics says it is over 15%. Ask yourself, for things you buy weekly, most are up more than 8.3%.

The Biden administration finally decided to extend protection to the Supreme Court Justices who were being harassed in their homes by radical mobs. Why did it take so long?

32 Democratic senators opposed a resolution opposing any new Iran deal that doesn't address Iran's support for terrorism and its ballistic missile program which threatens the U.S. They also incredibly oppose keeping the Iran Revolutionary Guard on our terrorism lists. You can call those 32 (out of 49 Democrats) the Senate Appeasement Caucus.



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