Brady Opposes Democratic Efforts to Stall the Economy, Kill Job Growth, Increase Energy Costs

Thursday, I released the following statement after voting in opposition of H.R. 9, The Climate Action Now Act. 

We all agree that we need to find smarter ways to lower emissions and ensure clean air and water for future generations. But these actions must take into consideration potential impacts on American jobs and the economy. 

The potential fallout from the Paris Agreement is devastating – slashing the U.S. economy by $2.5 trillion, costing nearly 400,000 jobs, and drastically increasing electricity costs for the average family. By refusing to allow President Trump to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, Democrats are stifling domestic innovation and raising the cost of living for hardworking Americans. 

Bottom line – the Paris Agreement is not ‘moderate’ – it's ineffective and costly and fails to provide significant environmental benefits.  Instead of clinging to this controversial agreement, let’s work towards a solution that provides affordable and reliable energy without sacrificing American prosperity, security, and ingenuity.


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