Pro-Life VICTORIES in 2011 Texas Legislature: Defund Planned Parenthood and Sonograms before Abortions

Happy 4th of July Independence weekend! Thanks to pro-life victories in the Texas Legislature this year, there should be many more innocent young babies who will get a chance to enjoy life and freedom just like us!

The 2011 Texas Legislative Session might have ended on a slightly bad note with some very important legislation getting blocked by leadership, and some of the best Texas conservative Republicans being hurt in redistricting… BUT… overall the 2011 Texas Legislative Session was able to pass some good legislation because of the Super Majority of Republicans in control of the Texas Legislature.

This 2011 Legislation included two GREAT pro-life bills.

SB 7 is a bill that will prevent Texas Taxpayer Dollars from paying for the elective murder of unborn babies. Planned Parenthood will no longer be able to use our money to do their dirty work.

HB 15 is a bill that will require doctors to offer the mother a chance to see the sonogram of her unborn baby and also listen to the baby's heartbeat. This will allow women to have the chance to be fully informed of what is really going on instead of the abortionist just telling the mother that what is inside of her is a non-human, non-living blob.

It is sad that cracking the egg of a bird could land you in jail because the life of the unborn bird is recognized and protected, yet the life of an unborn human baby goes unrecognized and unprotected…

Both pro-life bills passed this year and that is a huge step toward the right to life of the defenseless babies in Texas.

Great Job Texas!


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