"Super Massive Blue Hole" VIDEO by Debbie Georgatos warns Dallas could become like Detroit; Rachel Maddow goes ballistic

Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper have taken a sudden interest in a recent viral campaign video by Dallas Republican Debbie Georgatos that warns viewers that Dallas could soon become a "super massive blue hole" like Detroit. The video successfully drove Rachel Maddow ballistic and quickly climbed the media ranks to claim a spot on Anderson Coopers "RidicuList". In Maddows commentary on MSNBC, she first completely misses the videos message and penetrating style and instead chooses to nitpick its creative and production details. Then Maddow STOPS playback of the video when Georgatos is about to explain what a super massive blue hole looks like... ("its called DETROIT.") To help out Maddow and Cooper viewers who were deprived of this point, what Georgatos said is:

"We dont want Dallas county to become the super massive blue hole, because we know what that looks like, its called Detroit."

The video was originally prepared for Debbie Georgatos campaign for Dallas County GOP chair following the resignation of the previous office holder. Now it is quickly becoming a GOP cult video, identifying issues like voter fraud and driving home the point that Dallas, with its overwhelmingly Democrat elected officials, is in danger of becoming a super massive blue hole like Detroit.

Watch as Rachel Maddow goes ballistic watching Dallas County campaign video.

Watch as Anderson Cooper names Debbie Georgatos campaign video to RidicuList and dedicate a segment of his show to reviewing the video.

Dallas Observer comments on Georgatos campaign video


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